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Chrono Bomb- Video and Written Review!

                              Chrono Bomb- Video and Written Review!

     What a way to kill the winter blues! Patch presents Chrono Bomb, the game that will literally keep your children busy for hours.  In this game, the players are spies, or jewel thefts or FBI agents whatever. Their mission is to get through a booby trapped room and defuse the bomb before the whole place turns to dust!  Sounds like fun right? Well it is!

     The setup, although interrogate is very easy once you get the hang of it.  The set comes with a series of clamps that once clipped holds the clip and therefore the cord in place. Your child can make It as simple or hard as they choose, using any sturdy object as a means of creating the course.  Once they have their course set, simply place the end of the string to the motion sensitive clip, that attaches to the bomb then set the timer.   If your child hits a line the bomb will beep giving them a warning that they are dangerously close to activating the bomb and failing their mission.  If they get to the bomb in the set amount of time without being detected and hit the off button they win. Yeah it seems pretty simple eh? Think again.

     The game itself is fun, and can be played free style, with the help of mission cards, and even be used with a free app as well, but honestly even without all the bells and whistles everyone who plays this game is going to have a great time.  Setting up the game is almost as much fun as going through the course itself.  The kids go gaga trying to figure out how to trip themselves up, or their friends. Your house has turned into a living board game, and every piece of furniture, is a piece to be played. Once they are happy with their set up, the kids will keep trying to complete the course without hitting the amazing sensitive lines, and reaching the bomb without any hiccups.  They will fail at first of course, or if they don’t they will realize it was too easily set up and will do it all over again, but either way you will hear giggles, you will get called into the room to see them diffuse the bomb with some killer moves, and the best part? You get to drink a nice cup of joe while it is all happening,

      Some things to keep in mind while playing- set some boundaries, point out what surfaces they can use the clips on and what they cannot. As we all know kids can get a bit adventurous- which I fully support, but not at the steak of my flat screen TV.  Make sure they know to only wrap the cord around once around the clips, if you place the cord on too tight the sensor will not work. The kids may like that but that’s cheating in my eyes and unacceptable!  Parents you should attach the last piece of cord to the sensor, it’s just easier, take it from me. Other than those tips- let them go wild! My kid has had friends over to play this game dozens of times. X never seems to tire of making mazes and all his friends, who have seen the commercial are so excited to play that they completely forget to take out every single toy in my son’s room during the play date. Which is a near miracle. 
    A game like this is perfect for bad weather days, with winter coming it is hard to keep them busy and coloring, pillow forts and baking cookies only get us so far.  Chromo Bomb was designed in such a way that it is fun to play with others, but your child can easily entertain themselves with this all by them self- something you do not get with other typical board games. However, anyway they play they will have a blast!  Don’t believe me? Just watch as X and his best Bud and new Mommy’s Guide Vlogger trying this game out for the first time!

     A must have for Christmas, or a must buy with all the Holiday Money that they get from people that have no clue what to buy kid (There is always one!)  Thanks so much Patch for letting us check this game out. I commend you on your creativeness and for thinking outside of the box. Great job! 

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