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Zing Presants: Dino Hunterz Crossbow Review!

     As a woman who took up archery before Katniss did, yet still pretends to be Katniss when shooting, I have huge respect for Zing's line of bows.  Every year they come out with great new products that hold true to their high standards of quality, accuracy and durability.  Add a very reasonable price tag and you have a great gift for all the little (or grown up) archers on your gift list.  With the release of "Jurassic World" dino hunting has been on the rise.  In fact, X just reported to me that he saw a Reviewasaourous outside this very day whilst checking out this awesome Crossbow. Yeap just like Ralply with his Red
Rider BB Gun (except you know a heck of a lot safer), X is outside right now hunting down Dinos with his Dino Hunterz Crossbow!  With his wall target hung on the fence, X aims his lightweight Cross Bow and peers into his dino-scope for supreme accuracy.  He loads the foam suction cup arrows into the blaster, pulls back and locks it into place with a click.  By hitting the release button and pulling the trigger he shoots the bow up to 45 feet, hitting the target and taking out the Dino with his imaginary tranqu dart. This is a really fun and small crossbow, perfect for the kids.  Adults will more than likely break this bad boy since it is really made for a child, in both proportion and draw weight.  The two arrows are stored by clicking them into place right on the bow, and the arms of the crossbow pull forward when you load the dart, giving the bow extra coolness points.  It is great for tiny hands with its easy to load pulley system and the safety lock, ensuring that no one will shoot their eye out this Christmas!

Available at your local Target!
*We received this product for review- all opinions are our own! *

Review And Edited By Michael Aucone


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