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Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Review!

                             Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Review!

   Uncle Milton had a great line of science based toys- what makes these even cooler is that they are STAR WARS based.  Yes this is the year in our kids life that Star Wars is blowing up in the toy industry-not that they ever really left it- and I am sure your child has more than one item on there list if they are fans.  What they may not be seeing on commercials is this very cool line of toys that not only lets you play Star Wars but live it. You can live it man!
      With the Star Wars Science - Jedi Force Levitator uses static electricity to suspend objects in midair. The objects are of the mylar material and by using the Jedi Training Rod you can create the Force Push, pushing the object away from you and then pulling them towards you with your hands.  The look in your kids eyes the first time they do this is classic.  They just cannot believe that they can do this on their own.  The science lesson that comes with the set gives a great explanation and walk-through of how this works and then it becomes even cooler!

   Even though we would all like to believe that the force is real and that our Hogwarts letter just got lost in the mail ( I am still waiting for mine). The power of science with children is just as magical as any of those imaginary powers.  When given a project that excites and teases their mind it opens a flood gates of information that they will want to inquire about.  Using a huge franchise like Star Wars to teach your children science will expose them to the magic of the world in a way thast they will truly connect to.  This is a lesson without school books, without desks, or pressure.   This could tip your child into the direction of learning- which is the best gift you can give anyone.
     This is available to buy on as well as Target and details for $19.99.  This has a really great first time play average- meaning they will not want to put it down until they have mastered it.  If kept intack your children will be pulling this out of the box and showing all their friends how they can weld the power of the force!

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