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The Mommy's Guide GIFT GUIDE! Everything Your Kid Wants!

      Ah Toys, there are soo many out there that it may be hard to pick amongst them to find the perfect fit for your families- However, have no fear because The Mommy's Guide is here with our TOP PICKS of this years hottest toys. Now, I need to start out being very honest- these were sent to us for review-that does not mean they get an automatic listing on our Gift Guide, Oh no. We spend endless hours playing with these items, making sure they are the perfect fit for families with children for all ages. We make sure they are durable, fun, and enhances your child's play in one way or another.  Only the best of the best have made it on our list- and they are awesome guys. Like really really awesome- Like seriously know what I should just get started. So here it goes!

1- Kinetic Sand- Build N Float: If you guys are familiar with this product then you are well aware that it deserves to be on this list, Easy to clean, keeps the kids occupied for hours, and priced just right not to blow your budget. Plus the added bonus of the sand being able to float! .....Read our full review!

2- Colorforms:  They are back baby, and I could not be happier. I spent many, many hours as a child playing with my Disney's Gummi Bears (bouncing here and there and everywhere) Colorforms as a child and I am so happy to see this brand coming back to life with our childrens favorite characters! With three different sizes and portability, you can find the perfect set and the perfect price point, for your family!  Read our full review here! 

3-Crayola Crayon Carver:  The possibilities are endless when you are on the carvers side of this DIY set.  Using the perfectly save carver, letter guides, and a regular crayola crayon you can personalize your box of crayons in minutes! This is just so much fun, I cannot tell you the satisfaction I get from carving funny words, family names or even just the name of the color on the crayon!  My kid likes it to!  Keep an eye out for our full review, showing you how to make the holidays just that much cooler with this awesome crayon carver!

4-Magformers:  Magformers are a unique building set that uses magnetic pieces in a variety of shapes and colors to build whatever is in your child's imagination.  Made of sturdy material that does not lose attractiveness with use, these pieces can be used over and over again.  Your child can build structures to interact with their toys, without fear of the Magformers falling over with a slight tap.  Also good for the little one's coordination, they can easily build the simplest of objects without having to get the pieces to interlock, leading to less frustrated children.  Using Magformers as a stepping stone, your child can learn to love creating with building before moving on with larger more complicated sets. A great gift for any creative child, the Magformers come in a variety of sets that are available to buy on

5-Irish Fairy Door:  Invite fairies into your home with this beautiful hand crafted fairy door kit.  The set includes a Magic Key, a lease agreement, fairy notelets and a guide book that will help you on your adventure!  Set the door up in a corner of your home (or on a favorite tree) than leave the key out.  Once taken you will have your very own live-in fairy that is your responsibility!  Beautifully crafted, and an excellent way to keep the magic of the popular elf on the shelf concept all year round.  The Fairy Door invites magic into your homes, and into your children's heart!  You can even set up an account with you family's name, and get online weekly stories and Fairy-related crafts! Love love love this!  

6-Green Toy Scooper: These toys are made in the USA and made of 100 percent recycled plastic milk jugs. Yep all your recycling has not been wasted! They were turned into these super durable play vehicles.  The scooper features a front loader that moves and a play figure. They are perfect for sand box or water play, and will keep your kids entertained for hours!  They are even small enough to fit in your diaper bag for easy on-the-go fun.  Perfect for any truck lover in your family, you will love the quality as well as how it was made!  You can buy your very own truck here! 
7-Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads Plus Glow Compound: Hasbro is clearly the king of (or queen, come one people) of toys, and we know that. Every year they come out with amazing toys by either revamping generational staples or creating new and innovative ones. The amount of toys they have created for this holiday season is incredible-however for the sake of this list I wanted to point out one particular item that I truly love.
     If you are familiar with the Can head series, then you know it is bringing new life into the ever changing Play Doh franchise. (if you do not know about the Can Heads keep reading and be enlightened.) I love the line, but my favorite is.....Wait for it....Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads Plus Glow Compound.  Honestly if I was on stage right now I would drop the mic and walk off- but since you are looking for a more detailed review click here!

8-Skazooms Battle 'Boggan arena:  Skazooms Battle 'Boggan arena:  Skazooms are the new hit toys that you can slide spin or crash into one another!  Made in a variety of characters, each one comes with a helmet and board and are ready to race (or battle) in the 'Boggan arena!  The Battle 'Boggan Arena comes with two launch ramps and four spectator seats--for your Skazooms that you aren't playing with.  Launch your Skazooms into the arena where they'll spin like tops. Your goal is to knock down the other Skazoom before your opponent.  Whoever gets knocked out first is the loser, and to the victor goes the spoils!  You can also knock out the spectators--you know just for fun. This is a simple toy in concept, yet high in fun.  A sort of upgrade from battle tops of our youth with cooler colors and awesome characters!  Your children will absolutely love collecting, trading and playing with Skazooms, as well as fighting it out in the ultra cool 'Boggan Arena! Available right now on! 

9-Star Wars Science Jedi Force Levitater:    Uncle Milton had a great line of science based toys.  What makes these even cooler is that they are STAR WARS based.  Yes this is the year in our kid's life that Star Wars is blowing up in the toy industry-not that they ever really left it- and I am sure your child has more than one item on their list if they are fans.  What they may not be seeing on commercials is this very cool line of toys that not only lets you play Star Wars but live it. You can live it man!  To read our full review click here!
10-Dino Hunter- It cannot be a surprise to you guys that you will see two Zing Bows on this years list. As a woman who took up archery before Katniss did, yet still pretends to be Katniss when shooting- I have huge respect for Zings line of bows.  Every year they come out with great new products that holds true to their high standards of quality, accuracy, and durability. Add a very reasonable price tag and you have a great gift for all the little (or grown up) archers on your gift list. Read our full review here!  

11- Sonic Boom- Tails PlaneSonic is still a favorite character even after all these years-,and with Tails interactive plane your children get to play with the franchise off the screen! Made from durable, hard plastic this toy has trigger activated propellers, flashing headlights, dual projectile launchers, engine sounds and even an ejector seat! So much fun will be had with this play vehicle from Tomy, even after the holidays are over! Available on!

12- Cabbage Patch Rainforest Friends:  The Cabbage Patch Rainforest Cuties collection gives a great new look to a line that will be forever in our memories.  Giving the doll the patented hard head with a soft body, this 9 inch version has our favorite dolls all dressed up as exotic animals with the softest most cuddliest fabric around. Ours is dressed like a frog-my favorite-and I swear if I had a blanket made out of the fabric on this little guy I may never get out of bed.  They are small enough to take anywhere and machine washable as well.  Wicked Cool Toys made sure that they maintained the quality of the original line to the very last detail, including the amazing baby powder smelling head--brings back so many memories!
  You can buy any of these  little guys at Toys R Us for only $9.99- a steal if you ask me.    For our full review click here!

   Right Now there is also a limited edition Cabbage Patch Doll available at Toys 'R Us! Check them out before they are gone forever!

13-Wild Hog Poppers: These are just loads and loads of fun. Honestly I cannot get enough of them, and neither can everyone else it seems! The collection keeps growing and growing including more outrageous characters, and Holiday inspired ones as well!  These completely safe foam balls are flung out of the creature's mouths with a firm squeeze of the belly.  Your kids, and pets, will be entertained for hours as they try and attack one other, fetch the balls and start all over again!

14-Lalaloopsy Dance With Me: Lalaloopsy is a franchise that I really love. Aesthetically appealing to children of all ages, with a look that is clearly their own, Lalaloopsy has a loyal fan base and the products from the show are always top of the line when it comes to quality in play and in materials.  The addition of Dance With Me: Lalaloopsy interactive doll is no different!  The party will never end in your house this winter with Peanut at your dance party!  Peanut always the performer, loves dancing around and having a good time, but this time around your child will be their dance party. Read our full review here!

15- Journey Girls: A amazing line of globe trotting 18 inch dolls available on at Toys 'R Us. These high fashion chicks are affordably priced, of the highest quality and are looking for a new home.  Each Journey Girl has their own style, and unique personality making them relatable to any child who is looking for that perfect doll.  Read our full review for all the details, but honestly- this one is a cut and dry, you want to buy it for your kids!

16: Zeon Zing Bows:  Zing has been the frontrunner of high action toys including the ever popular bows.  The Zeon Zing Bows continues to uphold their inventiveness and high quality that keeps them high above the other companies.  With a shooting range of up to 35 feet, LED lights on the bow as well as the arrows, you can have amazing game play in the day as well as the night! Great for any little archery fan that wants to play both indoors and outdoors! Available at Toys'R Us


17: Skeletal Slime Chamber From Uncle Milton:  
   Uncle Milton is not limited to just Star Wars. They make a whole bunch of fun and interactive science-based activities that your children will love.  We just received the Skeletal Slime Chamber from the Dino Team line, and guys its really cool!  Perfect for all dinosaur hunters that do not mind getting their hands dirty (which in my experience is all of them!).  This kit includes, a slim chamber with a light up base (giving the tank a green glow), air sealed Chamber cover, build-able replica dinosaur bones and full instructions. 
      In order to build this boat in a bottle type display, you must first dig your hands in the goo to extract the different dino bones!  Put the dinosaur together and then place it back inside the goo.  With the dinosaur skeleton decorated base and the faint glow of green light, this is a very cool decoration for any dinosaur lover's room. Since they put it together themselves, your kids will love it even more, and show it off like they actually dug it up from the ground.  Believe me, my kid does it all the time!  Available online or at major retail stores, this is a great gift and a good afternoon killer as well! 

18 Zippy Sack:    Zippy Sack is a truly amazing invention that not only keeps your kids cozy, but their room tidy!  Yes, us mothers thought it was impossible to get our kids to make their beds, but with Zippy Sack the impossible was made possible.  Place it on your child’s twin bed just like you would any other fitted sheet, then unzip and slid right into the most comfortable fleece that you have ever felt in your life. Seriously, I am a little bit jealous they do not make one for a queen size bed.  Read our full review! 

19 Ugly Snugglies:      You may have seen a commercial for a certain stuffed toy called Ugly Snuglies.  I know I did. I would only catch the end of it, and then couldn’t remember the name so when the company reached out to me to do a review I was super excited.  The company has developed not only a stuffed animal- it is so much more. Their mission statement is that they are so ugly they are cute- which happens to be true, but the true gem is the one that is hidden within each of them.  From a cat to a unicorn, each stuffed animal is an extra-large, super soft plush where each has their own very special hidden “talent”. Read our full review! 

20 Care Bear Personaliezed Books From Twigtale:     One of my favorite things in this world is a good book.  Books can enhance your child’s imagination, teach them lessons, and of course help them read.   Sometimes however it is hard to hold their interest in the written word.  What with tablets, smartphones, tv, and portable gaming consoles.  So how do we spark their interest early? Buy them a Twigtale book.   Twigtale is a website that provides personalized books for minimum cost. With characters, and subjects that will sure to hit home with at least one if not more of the children in your life, Twigtale gives you the option to add personal pictures, as well as editing the text to fit your family! 
     What is even more exciting is the Care Bear book that they have now released.  Yep 80’s children Care Bears are coming back and now you can make your kids a personalized book in less than twenty minutes.  Twigtale has released one care bear title “Sharing With The Care Bears” which has you place several personal pictures in the book, including one on the cover, Your child’s name is added and placed throughout the book, and you can edit text to personalize it even more.  For $19.99 you can get one soft covered book or $29.99 for a hard cover book, and from experience it is money worth spent.  Children are completely entranced by seeing their pictures, it is just one of those things- it fascinates them.  Put them in a book with their favorite Care Bears- well you will know all the words to that book by heart soon enough!  Check out the site and give the gift of reading to your children this holiday season- you will not regret it! 

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