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StikBots: Zings Social Media Tool Toy


   We all know that here at The Mommy’s Guide we are a huge fan of the toy company Zing. They are solely dedicated to creating amazing durable products that are in the simplest of terms- fun.   This holiday season Zing is on everyone's must have list with their new line of at home animation toys Stikbots. Zing has created a amazing product that is the first of its kind as a media sharing toy. This simplistic looking little guys are bringing forth not only the fun but the creativity of your child through stop motion.

  A long long time ago before the age of smartphones and tablets (a time my son believes does not exist) stop motion was a fine art that were limited to only those that could afford buying the equipment.   Now with Stikbots and their super easy to use app anyone can literally put their imagination in motion and post it for the world to see.  Think about that- that is huge!  
    Stikbots can be moved easily to mimic human motion with their super flexible limbs- and suction cups.  Make them leap tall buildings with a single bound- break dance to the hottest song, or steal your sisters candy. It's all achievable with the uber user friendly app that lets you learn the art of stop motion in just a few steps.
      After you setup your first scene snap your first picture. The app will save it to your movie roll while leaving a ghost image on the screen.  This helps you set up your next movement so it is perfectly in line with your previous movement, making for flawless transition on your video! The app also lets you speed up or slow down your movie add music or dialog with ease and auto fixes any flaws within the take.  
     My son and myself use our own original drawings as  the background of our stories first and then having the “bots” as he calls them interact with it.  We base our stories on what he drew.  I let him take the lead on what he draws, what the bots say and how we should move them which gives him a immense sense of pride.  I mean how many things can a five year old do that they get to be fully in charge of. The list is very short.  X gets a huge kick out of immersing himself in the creation of his movies, and I cannot be more proud to watch him in action.  The way he looks when he is done and showing it off- explaining the reason why he drew what he did and that “ Mom had to do that silly voice because…”.  He is full of pride at letting us see what he has created, and we as parents are let into our childs world during the process of making these movies.  It is truly a amazing gift that Zing gives to us as parents- to see our kids get excited in such a creative way and the moments we spend using Stikbots are not likely to be forgotten. What a special “toy”.

   The starter set cost only $9.99 and includes a tripod to hold your phone and three Stikbots to get you started.  Any additional Stikbots are $4.99.  For that price you not only get the product and the app- you get endless creativity and laughs with your children,friends or in my case myself fighting insomnia.  This can save you during a rainy day or in the car on a road trip.  They are small enough to take anywhere, and fun enough that you and your family will be engrossed in engineering the perfect movie to share with friends and social media. Great job Zing we are so happy to have had the opportunity to try these little guys out for ourselves.  A must buy this holiday season!

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