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Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads Plus Glow Compound:Review

     Hasbro is clearly the king of (or queen, come one people) of toys, and we know that. Every year they come out with amazing toys by either revamping generational staples or creating new and innovative. The amount of toys they have created for this holiday season is incredible-however there is one toy in particular I wanted to point out one particular item that I truly love. 

    If you are familiar with the Can head series, then you know it is bringing new life into every changing Play Doh franchise. (if you do not know about the Can Heads keep reading and be enlightened.) I love the line, but my favorite is.... Wait for it.... Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon Featuring Can-Heads Plus Glow Compound. Honestly If I was on stage right now I would drop the mic and walk off- but since you are looking for a detailed review I will add more.
     Play-Doh has added the "Can Heads" addition to the franchise which is a product that is exactly how the title describes.   The original Play Doh container now come with iconic faces on them, like for example the Star Wars characters. In this set the Millennium falcon has everything you need for your child to create his own battle against the empire!

The starship has molds on it that help them create lightsabers, Star Destroyers, X-Wing Starfighters as well as r2d2 among others.  You also use the molds around the Ship to gear it up for battle! After you have built your Play Doh creations, place the can heads at their battle stations! Use the Can launcher
to launch your creations at the enemies, as the actual can heads to defeat Darth Vader. 
     This is just one of the products in the Star Wars Can Head line- and it awesome.  I love how you not only can play with the Play Doh itself, but that the Millennium Falcon, and even the Containers themselves are all included in the play.  Your kids will have a great time, outfitting the ship, and making the molds with the colors they want. Flinging things also makes this a winner, because come on- everyone loves that gratifying feeling of aiming and taking down a target.  In every way this is a winner, and for $19.99 you get a lot of bang for your buck!

    We were given this product for review- however all opinions are our own. Play Doh Can Head series are available to purchase at all retail stores, but happen to be on sale right now at Toys 'R Us for $14.99!

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