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Lalaloopsy Dance With Me: Review

     Lalaloopsy is a franchise that I really love. Aesthetically appealing to children of all ages and with a look that is clearly their own, Lalaloopsy has a loyal fan base and the products produced for the show are always top of the line when it comes to quality in play and in materials.  The addition of Dance With Me: Lalaloopsy interactive doll is no different!  The party will never end in your house this winter with Peanut as your dance party!  Peanut, always the performer, loves dancing around and having a good time but this time around your child will be their dance party. Put on some great tunes (might I suggest KidzBop?) and have your child put on their dance shoes, and the bow that comes with the doll, and Peanut will not only dance with your child but in some cases mimic the moves!  The bow (which should be latched on tightly to your child's belt or pants) has a sensor that communicates to the Peanut doll.  She will recognize when your child is moving, and start dancing.  If your child dances fast, so does Peanut.  Want to learn an official Lalaloopsy dance?  Peanut will teach you step by step. However the best, the absolute BEST part of this doll is the freeze dance option. Oh how I love freeze dance. There are so little opportunities as an adult to do the dance of the freeze- so reviewing this doll was quite a site, and no you will not see the video that my husband taped whilst laughing hardly at me.  
    The doll itself works great with the sensor, picking up 95 percent of your movements, it is amazingly accurate.  I have reviewed toys like this before and this is far superior to those toys in the past.  Peanut is adorable and durable- she also has NO issue standing on her own two feet- which being she has to dance is expected but not always guaranteed with some toys. All in all this is a great toy that your little Lalaloopsy fan will absolutely love. I know I love mine!
  Lalaloopsy is retailed at $49.99 (34.99 on amazon right now with free shipping) and is worth every penny.

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