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Kinetic Sand- Build N Float Review

  If you guys are familiar with this product then you are well aware that it deserves to be on this list.  I have to admit that in the beginning, I was not a fan of the
Kinetic Sand.  I, a native Long Islander, hate sand. Yeah I said it- I hate it. It gets everywhere, you find it on the floors days after you visit the beach and you can never get it out of your car- you see where I am going with this?  Then...THEN I played with it. Holy cow, Kinetic Sand is just one of the coolest products that have come out in a very long time.  It feels just like sand, it molds just like sand (minus the trips to the water to get the right texture) and what’s even better, it cleans up NOTHING like sand. That’s right, your kids play with it, have a great time, your left alone for a little while and then when they are done, they just clump it up, put in in a resealable bag and BAM- there is no more sand. BEST THING EVER! That is until I got to try out the Build and Float. With the new Kinetic sand formula, you get to play with Kinetic Sand Like Never Before! With the Paradise Island Playset, kids can create their very own tropical paradise using 4 plastic molds. Mold dolphins, seals, turtles and a raft that all float on the water! Yeah that’s right these babies float on water.  I have no idea how it is done, but all I know is that the sand game just got better because of this set.  The Sand molds just as easily as the sand at the beach then somehow stays together for unlimited play in the water tray.  Use the molds provided or switch it up by using other molds from other kits, and create unlimited amount of characters for your child’s adventures.  Clean up may be a bit more messy--being that there is water involved-- however just like the original the Build and Float Kinetic Sand cleans up, is reusable and never dries out. Great buy for only $15.00 and are available at all major retailers and

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