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HP Mom Panel #StickaPic Party!


      HP has come out with some truly amazing products to help share our memories with others in the last year, from new printers to apps that make printing and sharing so easy that a toddler can (and has in my case) do it.  I am so thrilled to announce that I was chosen to hold a #StickaPic Party Sponsored by HP and Staples!

       They sent me over a great kit filled to the brim with fun items for all my attendees, including multiple packs of HP Social Media Snapshots.  Halloween is our favorite time of year and with a little help from Mommy's Guide's very own Mary Poppins, Jessica Stark who is creative director in FUN, we threw a great Halloween shindig!
    We held our party outside at the local park, and with goods we bought from Michael's, the kids had tons of fun things to do!  They colored masks on sticks, which featured pumpkin faces, vampires, mummies and Frankenstein!  We painted pumpkins with glitter glue and decorated them with foam stickers that we also found in the Halloween aisle.  We also made scarecrows by filling up old clothes with leaves that surrounded the park, and the families got to bring them home to decorate their house!
    Along with all the fun crafts, these costume-donned kids and parents got to
eat amazing Chex Mix, home made cupcakes, apples (yes the kids did eat the apples!) and marshmellow pumpkins that we toasted on sticks--also bought from Michael's, you can really get everything there!  Everyone left with their very own pack of  HP Social Media Snapshots Removable Sticky Photo Paper, so they could print out their own memories of the event, as well as other event they had in the next few weeks.  We showed all the parents and grandparents (over fifty of them!) how to download and use the HP Snapshots app that you use to print the pictures at home.  Not one of them had a hard time figuring it out in only a few minutes.  It is that easy!

  Along with having a really great time, the parents were just so thrilled to see in action a product that they had only maybe seen on the shelves of retail stores.  I brought printed samples to show them how they came out clear as day with no smudges.  When I took off the back to stick to the tables they were wowed, and even more so when I took the picture off with ease a little while later.  The kids were thrilled with all the non-allergenic goodies they got in their goodie bags, and the parents more so with their packs of picture paper.
    For those of you that could not attend our party (I wish I could of had you all there! )
Let me introduce you to the app and the Sticky photo paper!   This print at home paper is a must have for those that love to keep
memories all around them! The box, which is available at Staples, comes with 25
 4 x 5-inch paper that will print your snapshots from Instagram, Facebook or your camera with ease!  Once printed you can stick and remove them easily on all surfaces and no need to get a frame for these bad boys!  The packs are incredibly affordable, retailing only $9.99 at Staples which as we all know have many amazing sales.  Simply open the HP app and pick which application you are choosing photos from.  From there you will go to the screen where you will have a variety of different backgrounds that you can choose from, and some even Disney related!  You can add a little description of where you were and what you were doing, or leave it blank-giving it a old school Polaroid feel to it.  It prints in mere seconds using a WiFi printer and dries moments later.  You can use them as Thank Yous for events, photo booth pictures, as well Save The Dates! (which I did for my sister!)
    With social media being in our lives in such major ways, you can use pictures that you or your friends posted and print them instantly.  They are great to show off to all your friends, or to use to decorate your living area.  The kiddos particularly love them because they can stick them all over their room, and parents love that because you have no fear of it ruining their walls!

      We want to thank Staples, HP and Michael's for providing us with the means to have this party! We really appreciate you letting us in your campaign!  I am an official HP Mom Panelist, however all opinions of the product are our own, I mean if I didn't love them would I use them for my sister's Save The Dates?  No I do not think so!  So if you are looking for a great favor, a means to display your snapshots in your home or to send to love ones, go to Staples, pick up a package and start printing! You will not regret it!

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