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Cabbage Patch Rainforest Cuties From Wicked Cool Toys!


 Wicked Cool Toys has been bringing us some truly awesome toys these last couple of years.  Becoming a forefront in the toy industry in their own right, they have been bringing our kids' favorite characters to life with unique toys with franchises like TMNT, Wild Kratts and others.  But honestly I am here to talk about one awesome line that will be a must have for any parents that were once a true 80's child. Freggin cabbage patch dolls!     
     Christmas is pure nostalgia and everyone has their favorite memory in the forefro
nt of their minds when they start seeing the lights brighten up their once dull neighborhood houses.  For me it is walking down the stairs and seeing orange Flintstones wrapping paper under the tree, and seeing the box that looked like exactly what I wanted. What the whole of the country wanted that year, a cabbage patch kid.  My mom told me the story of how they actually acquired the hottest toy of the year.   In the generation where there was no internet and no online shopping, if you wanted the toy you had to actually leave your house and wait on line in hopes of securing your child's Christmas wish.  So while in Florida, visiting her aunt, they saw that the cabbage patch doll was going to hit the shelves before New York and they left bright and early and stood online for three hours. They had ice tea and laughed at the fact that they were all adults waiting on line for a toy. It was one of my mom's fondest memories with her aunt.  They wound up walking out of the store with four dolls--one of them which ended up sitting under the Christmas tree during my favorite Christmas memory.
   We all want to recreate that feeling of wonderment during the holidays for our own children, and because we want to relive the magic with them. Cabbage Patch played a huge role in my generation of toys so being able to provide this line to my own children is something of a gift to myself as well as them.  The Cabbage Patch Rainforest Cuties collection gives a great new look to a line that will be forever in our memories.  Giving the doll the patented hard head with a soft body, this 9 inch version has our favorite dolls all dressed up as exotic animals with the softest most cuddliest fabric around. Ours is dressed like a frog-my favorite-and I swear if I had a blanket made out of the fabric on this little guy I may never get out of bed.  They are small enough to take anywhere and machine washable as well.  Wicked Cool Toys made sure that they maintained the quality of the original line to the very last detail, including the amazing baby powder smelling head--brings back so many memories!
  You can buy any of these  little guys at Toys R Us for only $9.99- a steal if you ask me. Check out the full line!

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