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Care Bears Mystery In Care-A-Lot DVD Review, Giveaway and Printable Coloring Page- Oh My!

   Calling All children of the 80's- Guess what! The Care Bears are BACK! That is right- these fluffy fun, and caring fluffed fill bears are coming back to the scene and we all know that you want your children to hop on board the 80's train and love them just as much as we did when we were children!  So we have a great giveaway for your guys, and it is a Mommy's Guide certified and approved Halloween DVD!

     Join the Care Bears for a Halloween-themed adventure filled with friendship and good cheer. The Bears show the power of caring and sharing as they transform bad dreams into sweet ones, solve the mystery of the legendary Scare Bear, and save Care-a-Lot from turning into Grump-a-Lot in this delightful collection that kids and their families will love!  The DVD includes three 22 minute stories that as always display a message during each of them.  This one in particular focuses on facing your fears! Your children will watch as the bears face thunder and lighting, and a mysterious foe- that will have the Care Bears startled for a moment- but in the end will have them conquering their fears and racing to save the day!  Plus you get to see grumpy bear dressed as a butterfly which will always amuse. Man I love Grumpy Bear!
        What makes this DVD stand out from other Halloween stories, is not only the fact that it is in fact the amazing Care Bears, but the fact that these little guys help your little ones accept the fact that it is OK to be scared. In fact everyone gets scared- even these heroes, but they all stand together and face those fears.  Something that is very import to teach your children, and is lacking in other television programs. Most shows just show that you shouldn't of been afraid all along because it was something silly.  In this series of shows you will see that it is OK to be scared, especially if there is something to be scared about! What is important is to overcome those fears and move on because of them. A important message that The Care Bear Brand displayed back when we were children (if in a more dark manner) and carry on in these new adventures.  I am so happy that even though the animation has changed the core of the Care Bear message stayed the same.

      We are giving away TWO copies of this amazing DVD and would love you guys to try and win one by entering our giveaway! If you can't wait though this DVD is available on Amazon- along with other amazing stories!
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