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Horseman Hollow Coming Soon To the Historic Hudson Valley!


  Sleepy Hollow is a place filled with beautiful sites that welcomes great people with even greater food.  Unfortunately, when you visit Horseman's Hollow you may end up on the wrong side of the dinner plate.  In this picturesque historical town there lies a house of horrors and all are warned-- but welcomed to attend.   
      This yearly endeavor attracts thousands of scare lovers and thrill seekers into attendance and there's good reason for that- you may just poop your pants.  Start off wandering through a corn maze that will have you on edge of the cob the entire time- random acts of The Terrifying will attack you as the undead pop out and scare you to your final destination. No, it is not a sanctuary, but a terrifying house filled with the ungodly creatures of hell! (Dun dun dunnn).  
     Three cackling and Shakespearian-like witches cast spells over a  rambunctious feline once you enter, setting the mood for this terror filled trip.  You pass a haunted school room, a cannibal enjoying a midnight snack, and other ghastly scenes. But what was truly remarkable were the statuesque creatures that were expertly painted to blend into the walls or simply  act as innocent busts of angelic figures. With these terrifying yet beautiful works of art hiding around every corner you never really knew if you were alone or if that harmless statue was going to jump out at any moment.

       Movie-like makeup and costumes along with the ominous soundtrack transport you to a horror movie rather then just a visit to upstate New York, and I would absolutely come back again next year- maybe wearing a diaper!

    Tonight is the last night to attend for the year- do not let the rain stop you! 
  Thank you to Historic Hudson Valley for letting us visit- this is not intended for the pregnant, the weak of heart, or children. No animals were harmed. 

Submitted by Peter T.

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