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Back To School With Cloud-B! Chamelion Charlie Review!

       The last thing you may think you need for back to school is probably the most important. You have your crayons (from crayola obviously), your backpacks and the non-existent NON WASHABLE GLUE STICKS THAT DO NOT EXIST EXCEPT FOR ON AMAZON! (sorry guys, I had my own back to school issues that I had to deal with).  You think you have it all, but what about the tools for the most important thing to help your child succeed in school. Yes my friends I am talking about sleep. Your child will not be able to preform to their best without a good night sleep. It is as simple as that. A tired child will not preform well in school, may have behavioral problems and will have problems getting through the obnoxiously long day (including homework) without a solid 8-10 hours of sleep. These are the facts my friends, and fortunately for us the company that is in the business of helping children sleep are on top of things once again.  Brand new for the 2015 season is the amazing Charley The Chameleon from the amazing Cloud-b..  Yes they are back on this page but it's for good reason...everything they produce is awesome.

     Charlie is great for older kids who are still having issues with falling asleep or feeling safe in their own environment. This will no longer be a problem with Charlie at their side.  Just like a real Chameleon, he changes color gently while displaying relaxing light throughout your child's room.  The lights are safe and do not heat up the plush at all, so it's not a problem if your child wants to cuddle with him while falling asleep.  He also plays rain-forest sounds which do help bring a relaxing feel to any room, which has had huge results in helping both children and adults fall asleep for years. In fact I myself use a machine sometimes to help me drift off into dreamland.
    Funny story about that. So my son who has thoroughly tested and approved Charlie (video to come later ) knows that I have a hard time sleeping. How does he know this? Usually because when he comes downstairs to use the bathroom he sees me sitting here, writing and looks at the clock.  So one night he goes "Mommy. It is 2 O'clock in the morning, go to sleep." I tell him I cannot, so he goes upstairs and brings down Charlie. "Cuddle with him, and put on the rain sounds so you don't have to put on your machine and wake up Daddy." Out of the mouths of babies right? Funny thing is Charlie helped.  I played him to placate X, but honestly, the sounds wound up making me calmer, and the lights gave a really fun yet comforting glow.  Funny right?  You cannot make this stuff up.
    So when I say I like Charlie and that Cloud-b makes amazing products, I mean it.  I have seen them work on my child, as well as others, and I have had them work on me as well!  X now consistently brings Charlie down with him when he sees the light on in my study.  He swears that if I just got my own and layed down with him, like he does, I would fall asleep much better every night.  He may be right. I shall add one to my Christmas list!
     With four settings all your child has to do is click Charlies lizard paw (is paw the right term for that?) to click through all the settings:  1x ON + Rain Forrest + transitional lights (colors transition gradually to the next), press 2x Tropical Tunes + strobing lights (colors jump to the next), press 3 x lights only, transitional press 4 x to turn him OFF.  Like many of the other Cloud-b designs he is soft and cuddly with a colorful and friendly design that appeals to every age. It is his design that plays an important factor with the 5+ age groups because he is not babyish, he is just an awesome Chameleon that happens to help your child sleep.
     If your child is having a hard time getting to sleep, or is just too excited to transition themselves from playtime to sleeptime, why not add Charlie The Chameleon to the lineup of things to buy for back to school.  Because without sleep, none of those other supplies will make a difference!

*Yes we recieved Charlie for review- but I would not trade him for anything in the world! We love him so needless to say all of our opinions are our own!

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