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Stay Asleep Buddy by Cloud-b, Your New Best Friend: Review And Giveaway!

Traveling takes its toll on families. With Summer almost in back of us, we tend to think that the endless packing and car trips would be ending, but them you remember....Winter is coming.  Oh yes my friends with the end of the heat comes the wave of holidays. Starting with Halloween (the best one ever!) you will have endless trips, dinners, presents to buy and routines being messed with before you know it.  Cloud-b whose slogan is "Where good sleep begins." really knows it's stuff when it comes to keeping your kids on track even though your schedule is off the rails!

    The Cloud-b Stay Asleep Buddies are a great way to not only help with your child's sleep training, but also to keep them on that schedule whilst away on holiday adventures!  First let me introduce you to this one particular item.  The Stay Asleep Buddies is an ADORABLE, interactive Hedgehog Plush that teach your children when to go to sleep and when to wake up! Can we just pause and point out that they chose a HEDGEHOG as the plush to sleep with. First off they are adorable- no seriously watch some hedgehog videos on youtube- they are literally one of the cutest animals out there, and they love to cuddle, true story.  Secondly, a Hedgehog is literally the last animal on earth that you would think to have in plush form (let alone as a sleep training tool), I mean the spikes on their back say anything but let's cuddle.  However by using an animal that is not popular in circulation gives your child an added interest in the item. Kids, just like adults, get tired of seeing the same things over and over again in different variations, so this is just a genious move on Cloud-b's part and kinda funny to us adults.  Ok back to the point of this review.  The Stay Asleep Buddy helps get your child on a sleep schedule by not only being adorable, which they are, but with lights and sounds.

     First, to help them fall asleep you set the timer that is enclosed in the hedgehog's body,  and hit the music button.  A soft amber light will glow and a faint but beautiful and calming lullaby will start playing.  The Amber light means it is time to go to sleep.  After 45 mins, and hopefully well after your little angel is finally asleep, the Buddy automatically goes into its own sleep mode.  Now I know what your thinking, what if your child wakes up? There is also a motion sensor in this Hedgehog that will automatically turn him back on- soothing your child back to sleep by continuing to glow amber, showing them that it is not time to wake up!
    Now it is the morning. In a perfect world, you will be sitting down to your favorite cup of Joe, about to flip open your newspaper and get a few minutes in before life begins. Well my friends, the perfect world is almost here, because Mr. Hedgehog will TELL your child when he or she can get up and start their day. Yeap that is right. If your child does sleep through the night, and just tends to wake up early, they will see that the Stay Asleep Buddy is still glowing amber.  They will learn that they cannot get out of bed (or their room) until that little guy turns green, and starts playing a happy tune, alerting them that it is now ok (and safe) to go downstairs and start their day!
Hedgy At The Marriot With Us During Our Stay At The Marriott

       Guys it works!  My son has been using this guy for two months and he is not only in love with him, but is now on an actual schedule. No more waking up mommy for a million things before the clock even turns to 7am. If he is awake he knows to either go to sleep, or  stay quietly in his room until Hedgy, as we call him, turns green and he can come on down and wake me up, or give me a good morning hug (depending on the morning). I am well rested, which makes me happy, my kid is well rested which makes us both happy, and the Stay Asleep Buddy has become a huge part of our family's routine.

    So how is this going to help you on the road?  Easily my friends.  Your surroundings may change but your Stay Asleep Buddy does not.  You can be in a hotel room, or at a family member's house, and as long as your have your child's Buddy with you they will remain on the same schedule.  While we went to Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ last month we took our little guy with us. We were all clearly sharing the same room, and usually my son wakes up and jumps up and down on the beds (which we usually promote, ten little monkeys be damned!)  while we are still sleeping.  Well to our surprise X remained quietly playing until Hedgy turned green, and THEN jumped on the bed and woke us up.  I mean we were woken up the same way, but instead of five am, we got to sleep till 7 and that my friends is a victory.

       So now that summer is winding to its end, go on and get yourself a Stay Asleep Buddy and start them on it before the holidays.  I promise that they will absolutely love it and if you work with the product, your child will be on the Stay Asleep Buddy schedule for all their nightly and  nap-time routines- even on the road.

       Every Stay Asleep Buddy comes with batteries, a small storybook pamphlet, and is super soft to the touch. You don't have to worry about the light heating up the little guy because it does not. He will stay nice and cool to the touch throughout use.  He is small enough to take with you anywhere, and is machine washable, just make sure you take out the battery pack though before hand.  He is available online and in certain major stores around the world for $30.00.  We were given Hedgy by Cloud-b for review, but we were such a fan that I have bought two for my friends who are have children with sleep issues.  So when I say I love it, I really mean I love it.  Go on and get one yourself, oh and why not try and win one as well!  Enter our giveaway and Cloud-b will give the winner a Stay Asleep Buddy of your very own! Good Luck Guys!

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  1. We actually have a huge battle to get our toddler to go to bed. This would help so much!!!