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Leap Frogs Word Whammer Review!


     Leapfrog has become a part of this family over the years. From our son's very first product from the company, My Pal Scout, we have not gone one Christmas or birthday without at least one of their products under our tree or in the birthday pile.  Then there's the endless watching and re-watching of their educational videos on Netflix, and the company's consistent products that are relevant and reach every age range, we definitely have a wide variety of their product line.

     I mean with products like the Leapster, Leap Pad and Magic Touch toys, including the guitar that is my personal favorite, how could you not keep going back to a company that produces such amazing toys, over and over again?  So when they asked me to review the Word Whammer, I was more than thrilled.  My son is preparing for Kindergarten in the fall, and this baby is just what he needs to prepare.

     When you first see the Word Whammer, you may think it is reminiscent of BopIt- a game that I believe is still around, although it shouldn't be.  When that evil "game" came out in my hay-day I always had the urge to throw it across the room.  I usually did not resist that urge and the thing went flying.  Guys, if you have that urge with the Word Whammer- fight against it- it is not BopIt- BopIt cannot hurt you anymore!
     There are three games that are all phonics based and aim to keep your kids focused and entertained at the same time. The Word Whammer is actually a uniquely designed interactive game that helps your child work on his or her early phonics.  The general theme of the Word Whammer is that of a carnival, with three games in the unit that are thus based.  After each game is played, you will receive a certain amount of tickets that you can use to grab a toy from the the claw machine. Whatever item you choose, the character that you played in the game will carry it in the parade at the end of the sequence.

      Blast and Build Words: Join Dragon on his rocket ride which has your child handling a rocket to blast into the correct letters to spell over 100 words. This game starts off with you using your right handle to fill up the fuel and then blast him off into the game!   Starting out with matching letters, this game moves up in difficulty to filling in the blanks with the rocket.  Spin and Learn Letters: Join Panda and his bumper cars to match upper and lowercase letters. Twist Letters For Sound: Join Penguin while he does his  favorite thing- spinning!  Help him and match the letters on each teacups to hear their sound!
      With each game you use the right handle to twist up or down which moves your characters up and down the screen to the connect with the correct answer.  Once it is chosen you wham the handle inward to make the rocket zoom, the teacups clash, and the bumper cars smash to its target.  As your child continues to play the unique automatic leveling system built into the game will adjust to the child's level of difficulty, keeping them challenged and thus engaged in the game play.  Each player can reach up to five levels in total.
     The graphics are very basic on this device with no color and pix-elated, something that we as children would oooo and ahhh at, but may look a little dull to the child of today.  However Leapfrog knows what they are doing.  By designing the Word Whammer with minimal graphics and with physical game play, they are creating a new and intriguing way to involve themselves in learn and play.   Think about it, all the apps and tablets out there have your child touching screens.  The Word Whammer goes in the opposite direction and has them twisting and pushing an honest to God joy stick to achieve their goals. This lets your child focus on the game at hand, and the way they play it instead of the bright colors and animations on the tablet screens.  I think it is total genius.
     X (my son) has been playing with it every day for two weeks since we have received it in the mail for review, and absolutely loves it. ("Ma- this is sooo cool, do you believe I got three tickets?") The little added bonuses that you find throughout the games are also what make this a great system.  After you play Dragon's Rocket game you can fly him about using the twist and turning of the handle.  The game will also tell your child how many answers they got correct and count them out loud, adding a little bit of math in the mix which I enjoy.  The Parade is also interactive to a point where you can pop the balloons and make the characters go faster.
     This is a great buy for only $19.99 and is available at one of your favorite major retail stores like Target or Walmart.  It is a whole lot of learning and a whole lot of fun in a small portable package. Batteries are included and is ready from the minute you take it out of the box to start having a blast! Thank you Leapfrog for letting us review this amazing learning toy! We look forward to what you have coming at us next!

Twist for letter sounds

Quickly twist the handle to spin the teacup into the correct answer

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