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WowWee Groove Cube!


       WowWee had one of my absolute favorite robotic toys this 2014 Christmas season, and I was not the only one who felt that way. Their MIP robot was one the the top toys to have this holiday season and for good reason. They are a company that uses technology to the utmost, and has shown me again why they are so amazing with their Groove Cube Shutter and Snap Pets.  You are going to want these babies and I am here to tell you why.
     Let's start with the Groove Cube. I had no idea I wanted this until they sent it to me, and now I have no idea how I even functioned before they sent it to me.  The Groove Cube Shutter is a Bluetooth mini speaker.  It's a 1.05"x1.05"x1.12" cube that's super small with a HUGE sound. So here's how it works. After it is fully charged just turn on the power button and then make sure your Bluetooth is on as well. Find the GC option under your Bluetooth settings and choose it. The Groove Cube will now say "Bluetooth connect".  Now play your music or your movie or whatnot and have an instantly enhanced sound system. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

     Need something for hands-free home calls?  This baby has a built in mic as well and can connect up to 10 meters or 33 feet (No, no America it's fine the whole world uses the metric system- why would we convert?)  Any-who if you think the awesomeness ends there then you are sadly mistaken my friends. This little guy also has a remote shutter button so now you can take your selfies with ease as well. The fight is over and we don't even need selfie sticks, which must be horrible because even Disney World has banned them.  I mean if the happiest place on earth says no then they must be damn near evil.  Just open up your camera,  put the Cube into position, click your phone's camera button and bam!  Picture taken...mind blown!!
     So you honestly believed that they have thought of everything, don't you?  Well you're right but you don't know the last, and  simplest feature, yet in my mind it is complete genius. There is a small loop on the cube with a headphone like jack at the end of it. Place that jack into the phone, and your cube and phone now become one. The cube has 1.5 hours of use before charging and comes with a USB cable to give it a full charge.
     Easy, portable, highly useful and small enough to literally take anywhere, the Groove Cube Shutter will be a big hit this holiday season for tweens, teens, and adults alike.  I got one and I am buying it for everyone (and I mean everyone) when they are finally released to the public. At a retail price of $14.99 the world's smallest speaker will be a big hit for anyone who gets this little guy as a gift.  Love it!!!

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