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Journey Girls From Toys'R Us are Celebrating Their Five Year Anniversary and A Trip To Italy!


     Five years ago Toys'R Us created their own line of 18 inch dolls for their customers with the goal to create a doll that would entice enthusiasts, keep them interested with unique characters and accessories, and to make them affordable for everyone.  The brainstorming team came up with the original Journey Girls; four dolls, that go on wild adventures while looking fabulous and pursuing their interests. Journey Girls became one of the top selling in-house products sold in the stores, and there is a good reason for that. This is a top of the line product with an affordable price tag, making the ever popular 18 inch doll available to all families no matter what their budget.  With a retail price of $39.99 per doll, and affordable accessories starting at $10 for five pairs of shoes to $39.99 for a fashion pack that includes a variety of pants, shirts, shoes, and even a cell phone! All changed and ready, well now your Journey Girl can head
over to the beach with this adorable set available for $16.99 that includes an umbrella, towel, lounge chair, cooler and beach bag.  These are just some of the amazing products that are available now--no wonder why the crowd went wild when these babies hit the shelves!

     Recently we were invited to the amazing NYC Flagship Toys'R Us store in Times Square to help celebrate this monumental anniversary, as well as get a sneak peak of what is in store for the 2015 line hitting the shelves this September.  As we walked into the event we were greeted by the line of dolls placed on a table both in the packaging and out.  Since the line's first release they have grown from four dolls to seven, and they were just beautiful.  Truly, the devil is in the details as they say, and you can see very clearly that the details were very important to the creators of this line.  Each Journey Girl is very unique from one another.  The hair colors are not limited to blonde and brown, but also include a nice reddish auburn, strawberry blonde, light brown as well as jet black.  The life like eyes radiate with the color with different shades of blue, green and a hazel as well as brown. Each have long, lush eye lashes and perfectly pale pink lips, although their smiles are not the same from one doll to the next.  Oh no, one doll may have a larger mouth while another has a sort of pout.  Oh yes this is a unique line that will appeal to a variety of different children just from their facial features alone!  Now add on the character's sense of style and back story and there is no way that your little one will not fall head over heels in love with one of these Journey Girls!
    In fact let's get introduced to these fashion forward traveling gals.  Chavonne, is the multi-talented performer; Callie, an aspiring dancer; Dana, the animal lover; Kelsey,loves to seek out exciting new adventures or participate in extreme sports; Kyla, an amazing artist; Meredith, is an energetic team athlete; and Mikaella, who is the latest addition to the Journey Girls loves cooking and baking. The Journey Girls Crew have gone on worldwide adventures, spanning 20,000 miles around the globe, from London to Paris wearing clothing that represented the area that they were traveling in.  Now these Fab Fashionistas are on their way to Italy, adding a stamp on their passport as well as to their individual and collective backstory while setting all new fashion trends!
     For longtime fans, you have no idea the amazing cloths that are coming to shelves soon for this line.  For newbies like me, you will not get over the amazing details each piece of clothing has on them.  Let's take the doll we chose, Kyla, for instance.  With her hair in a low side pony tail, and donning a beautiful flower headband. Her embroidered jean dress has a flower and skeleton key motif that makes me a little envious that I cannot fit into it myself. No really, I would wear this in a hot minute. Curious to hear about what the other gals will be sporting? Read on for Toys R' Us listings!
2015 Italy Lineup!

"Journey Girl® Chavonne from Toys“R”Us®
Chavonne, a multi-talented performer, will guide the girls through Milan, the City of Theatres, in a black-and-white striped top under a vibrant pink petite coat and trendy floral pants that match her navy slip-on shoes. No batteries required.

Journey Girl® Callie from Toys“R”Us®
Callie will seek out the best shops to show her friends the latest fashion trends, while wearing a black-and-white mini dress paired with an embroidered, blush colored jacket and elegant pink shoes and headband to complement her entire look. No batteries required.

Journey Girl® Dana from Toys“R”Us®
Dana, an animal lover, will be sure to stop by her favorite "parco nazionale" and protected reserves which are home to a variety of wildlife, all while dressed in a silver knit sweater and brown faux-fur vest with jeans, along with a leopard-print tote bag and chic brown boots. No batteries required.

Journey Girl® Kelsey from Toys“R”Us®
Adventure seeker Kelsey will challenge herself by taking on the best hiking trails and exploring marine life within Italy’s 4,000-plus miles of coastline! While out on the town, Kelsey will sport a grey and blue embroidered shift dress with navy headband, as well as a navy and emerald faux-leather shoulder handbag and navy flat shoes. No batteries required.

Journey Girl® Kyla from Toys“R”Us®
Kyla is ready to find the best spots rich with art and culture, dressed to explore the Italian art scene in a ‘Ciao!’ printed top with striped sleeves, pink wrap skirt, a black and white clutch and floral and classic pink flats. No batteries required.

Journey Girl® Meredith from Toys“R”Us®
Meredith’s athletic charm will help inspire all her friends to partake in awesome quests in Italy, and her sense of style will shine bright, as she dons a blue sparkle t-shirt, white striped circle skirt, pink handbag and trendy pink shoes. No batteries required.

Journey Girl® Mikaella from Toys“R”Us®
Mikaella, outfitted in a purple knit sweater with silver embroidery detail, metallic silver brocade pants, black flats and an elegant silver and pink envelope clutch handbag, will lead her friends to the finest cafes and pasticcerias in town. No batteries required. Available now in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at "

     The Italy line will hit shelves this Sept 6th and will be ready for all you early holiday shoppers before they sell out on the Christmas rush! Already have a Journey Girl, or cannot wait to get one for yourself...I mean your kid?  Well Toys 'R Us are celebrating the line's anniversary and upcoming trip to Italy with a bunch of fun social media activities and resources!  Encouraging parents and kids to share their Journey Girls experiences with @ToysRUs on Instagram and Twitter, as well as  Fans are invited to post photos of themselves and their dolls traveling the country (or even the globe) as well as engage with one another and Toys“R”Us using #JourneyGirls. For enthusiasts looking for Journey Girls inspiration online, the Toys“R”Us Pinterest page,, will feature the dolls’ different fashion looks, delicious Italian treat ideas, do-it-yourself arts and crafts and more.
     To get your own Journey Girl, visit your local store or visit the

     So go on and check the line out for yourself.  I know I will be buying some lucky little ladies their own Journey Girl for birthdays as well as the holiday season.  I would also like to thank Toys'R Us for introducing us to the line, inviting us to the event and giving us a product for review!

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