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Hurricane Harbor Review


      Boy is it starting to heat up here in the tri-state area.  The sun is shining and we need ways to start to cool off!  Hurricane Harbor is the answer my friends.  Six Flags is the place to be for thrilling rides and family fun.  Add in cooling off and that is exactly what Hurricane Harbor is!
     We were invited to Hurricane Harbor for a Blog-BQ in honor of the new Cabana Cove Bar & Grill's grand opening!  This new eatery is right by the wave pool and cabana area of the park. Not only does it have beer and wine (which mom and dad are sure to enjoy) but they have a wide variety of hearty and even healthy options for the family!  Huge Caesar salads with jerk chicken, steak
sandwiches, and a GIGANTIC hot dog are among available items, and boy are they good!  Along with those lunch and dinner items there are also snacks like humus and pretzels, and some huge, soft cookies!
     Now let's talk about the park. This is a perfect sized water park, not too big and not too small. With ten rides, including the wave pool, lazy river and one huge kid area called Discovery Bay, you can easily walk through the park and hit every ride with ease.  Every single ride is supported by on-point life guards that were in the midst of their training during our visit.  You and your family can relax because they have you covered, and the only danger you will be in is thrills and chills when you slide down one of the monster slides!

  We thoroughly enjoyed the Big Bambu water slide.  Four of us fit onto a raft and plummeted down a steep 64 foot slope into the pool below getting soaked the whole way!  After that we headed on over to the King Cobra, which is one of the coolest water rides I have seen.  Decorated like a huge Cobra, you race through the body and then slide right up to the face!  Water comes out of his enormous teeth as you slide down and finally make your landing with laughs.
     Discovery Bay is great for the kids that are not tall enough to ride the other attractions, but really fun for the whole family. It is a huge area that's great for the kids with a small pirate ship, mini slides and mushroom sprouts of water.  There's also a bigger pirate ship that's filled with climbing nets, water blasters all over the place, tube slides and a gigantic bucket that pours over the crowd when it fills up.  This portion of the park also has a smaller version of the wave pool that is perfect for the smallest of kiddos.  Really nicely done, and very enjoyable.
     Although I did love the thrills of the bigger water slides, I have this thing with water, where when I am around it I want to relax.  So obviously my two favorite areas by far were the Taak It Eez Ee Creek Lazy river and the Blue Lagoon wave pool.  The lazy river was really quite a long ride, with slow currents pushing you along the way and minimum areas where you get squirted by random acts of water guns.  You really tour the whole park on the float.  My whole family had a great time and with no age limit and no tube actually required, the whole experience was really relaxing.  I went on several times throughout the day.  Loved it!
     The Blue Lagoon Wave Pool was amazing.  Going in timed intervals, the 696000 gallon wave pool goes through cycles of calm to rough with the sound of an alarm, and the closer you get to the deeper end, the rougher the waves are.  And if you hang out by the shoreline you can relax while the waves hit your feet.  This area is also where the cabanas and lounge chairs lie, which will give you the ultimate relaxing experience during your stay.
     The cabana we stayed in was a large tent, placed in a secluded area on the side of the Blue Lagoon and filled with clean sand.  There was a one wicker couch and two chairs on the inside, as well as a fan, and refrigerator.  Outside of the cabana you have two lounge chairs as well.  There are attendants around to refill your drinks or bring you a refreshing smoothie.  They will also take care of your garbage and help with any questions you may have.  Although on the furthest part of the park, the size of the park makes it easy to get to all the rides in no time.  You cannot have a better seat in the house if the Blue Lagoon's wave pool is your jam, like it was mine.  It was so nice to have one area for all of our family members to meet at certain times, to eat and to relax. The fan also helped keep me cursing the heat, which my Irish skin cannot abide, and the service was just impeccable!
 The whole park was clean, the workers were courteous and the lifeguards were very professional. The decor was fun and not overwhelming, and even though there were hundreds of screams from the nearby Six Flags Park going on, you could hardly feel them. You really felt as if you were on a private fun little Island instead of in New Jersey and a parking lot away from Six Flags Great Adventure.  So if you were thinking about going to Hurricane Harbor, do not think twice,  It is well worth the money, and if you want to have an even better or more relaxing time, definitely get yourself a cabana--you will not regret it!

Thank you so much to the Six Flags Staff for hosting us!  You will see us again soon!

For More Information Please Visit The Offical Hurricane Harbor Website

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