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Antman Movie Review! Plus Coloring Sheets and A Matching Game

     I'll start just by saying this movie was awesome!  Reminiscent of shrinking movies when I was younger, this film combines those memories with the awesomeness that is everything Marvel!  Both the effects and the overall light-hearted theme made this a mid-summer pleasure.
      Staying somewhat true to the Ant-man origin story, the creators hit the mark with a humorous and action filled flick.  The movie goes that Dr. Pym, played by Michael Douglas, was the creator of the ant-suit and original Ant-man.  Events occur that lead him to find a successor to the suit and he tracks down Paul Rudd's character, Scott Lang.  Together they must pull off a heist to save the world!!  You hear that?--TO SAVE THE WORLD!!  (Why didn't they just call the Avengers? LOL). Paul Rudd delivers as the unlikely criminal turned super hero with tons of laughs and a character that I'm sure we'll be seeing again soon...I don't want to give any spoilers away but you will know this movie takes place in the Marvel Universe of movies.  If you are a true fan of the Marvel Universe movies then you should be able to catch the many references to some of the other films.
      The filmmakers took a story about saving the world and added a truly fun twist on it.  They never portrayed this character as someone too serious or too dramatic, such as Captain America or Bruce Banner (A.K.A the Hulk).  This is the first modern Marvel movie I've seen that took a real action movie and with a comical main character.  I said "modern" movie because I think everyone forgot about the 1986 classic Howard the Duck, which I'll admit I loved as a kid.
      I definitely recommend taking a trip to the theaters to see this hysterical tiny super hero.  Besides being a great movie, it also leaves you with a sense of things to come.  Make sure you stay through the end credits too; there are some scenes that you absolutely have to see.

-Review written by Michael Aucone

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