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Skylanders- The Best Has Yet To Come

 I was part of a small group that got an exclusive look at the new- and not yet released Skylander Game.  Seriously guys- we were some of the first- I had to sign forms to insure i would not say anything until today- until RIGHT now.  
   The Skylander franchise  has grown from  its first title- Spyros Adventure- moving on to the Skylanders Giants, then Swap Team leading us to the ever popular  Trap Team.  Today we get to tell you what is next- and we know you will be stoked.   Skylanders Superchargers will be released in Sept and is bringing vehicles into the game!
   That is right folks- the name of the game is Skylanders SuperCharger and with it's release another twenty new or revamped characters will be introduced to the line as well as twenty vehicles .  From racing cars to spaceships your child will be playing this platform favorite in a whole new way! 

      Kaos is returning as our favorite Super Villian- but instead of trying to take over Skyland- we see that he has already succeeded!  It is our task to Save Skyland from his evil mites and back into the hands of the honest citizens of Skyland. 

    Although the gameplay is dived fifty fifty between vehicle and character gameplay. The new game still has all our old favorite options- like playing past console characters (with all their upgraded goodness) on the new game saving upgrades onto the toy itself, and launching your toy into the game.  
 They're are  some very cool very snazzy new-upgrades- like the cars themselves which will have real life playing ability just like the figures.   As with the characters there will be different cars for different areas of the game- those that fly through the air- through water and on the ground. Each vehicle will handle differently depending on the surface they are working with as well as what upgrades and modes they receive.  The character you place in the vehicle will also have an effect- giving them the Supercharger feature that is named in the title. It all depends on the character and car combination- a like to the character combos from Swap Force- but you can look forwarded to fun boosters and powers.
     The boards will have even more gameplay value adding hidden areas within the already bonus areas of the game.  For instance if you are using the submarine during a water vehicle side-mission you can dive under the water to reveal hidden areas that other vehicles cannot get too.  The modes and upgrades you get during these side missions are also random- giving your game even higher replay value because you can go back and redo missions to get different upgrades.  
    Another difference is that you can now upgrade your vehicle in real time- as well as in the upgrade mode.  So if you get a upgrade you can put it on your car right there and then instead of having to wait.  Game play will remain the same in all other fashions except the two player mode when dealing with the vehicles.  There will only be one playable vehicle at a time- player two will be put in a helper setting- stopping villains and collecting things.  One more cool feature that I must mention is the way the traps will be featured in this new edition.  Although not a huge part of the game- the traps will be able to interact with the newest edition in the franchise in a minimal but fun way.  Use your trap team crystals with a Villain inside during the game for extra cards for the mini games and boosters for your cards and characters. 

  The starter pack will come with  two characters and one car- Hot Streak Spitfire as well as Super Charger Stealth Elf (my favorite!).  The game comes with everything you need to beat it- but what fun would it be without the collecting of the figures!  There is also another option- you can download the virtual console and use your launch pad from Trap Team for this game.  The only downside to that option is the figures that come with the starter pack will be virtual- you will not have the actual physical toys to play with... I want the new Stealth Elf- both the virtual one and physical toy- so that is not an option for me! 

     So there is the scoop guys- and I have to say it is a fun one. Personally I cannot wait for this new game to come out- but I will not wish the months away- instead we will sit and wait patiently- because as they say- The best is yet to come! 

    Special thanks to Activision for letting us in on the news and to Mom Trends for hosting us!  

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