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Father's Day Treats, Printable Card, and Gifts!

Father's Day is right around the corner, and we have some great products and sweets that will show your father just how much you care!

                 Father’s Day Cookies:

     "Show Pop he takes top honors with a blue ribbon Father's Day dessert. Generously cover a round cookie (ours were about 2 inches wide) with tinted frosting. Press on M&M's. Pipe on a message using chocolate frosting in a ziplock bag with a snipped corner or in a piping bag fitted with a writing tip. Trim two pieces of sour belt candy (we used Airheads Xtremes) as shown, then place on a plate and arrange the cookie on top. Present your deserving dad his award, along with lots of hugs and kisses." (From Family Fun Magazine)

     "Nothing says “I love you, dad” like a gift created by a family man, Walkers Shortbread. In 1898, Joseph Walker developed the recipe for the “World’s Finest Shortbread”—117 years later, the recipe (butter, flour, sugar, salt) is still used today and his legacy is carried on through the work of his children."

     "Rockabye Baby! has soundtracked nurseries around the globe with baby-friendly versions of adult favorites, including the Beatles, Kanye West, Madonna, Guns N' Roses, and more than 60 others. Trading electric guitars and drums for a toddler-approved pallet of soothing instruments like xylophones, marimbas, wood blocks, and bells - Rockabye Baby! lets parents and babies bond over classic music while still making bedtime as smooth as possible.

     The series latest offering, "Lullaby Renditions of Grateful Dead" was dubbed "the lullaby deadhead parents have been waiting for" by Huffington Post and praised for its "sleep inducing recreations" by the Wall Street Journal. It doesn't hurt that the release coincides with the band's 50th anniversary shows this summer - making it the perfect study guide for parents looking to introduce their little ones to the iconic band. "

From Our Favorite Super Hero WORD GIRL- Here is a great printable card for the little ones to give to their dad! 

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