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Smart Games: Three Little Pigs Puzzle

     Smart Games has some amazing brain game puzzles that are fun for both children and adults.  At this year's NYTF my husband fell absolutely in love with the Three Little Pig puzzle that has only recently been released. This high quality set comes with three little pigs, one wolf, and three pieces that have one house on each of them.  The pieces interlock on the square base as do the characters.  Besides the puzzle itself, the set includes a puzzle book with guides to set up the puzzle from easy to expert (which also has the answer key) as well as a beautifully illustrated three little pig book. 
    There are varying goals of the puzzle play.  Sometimes you are trying to have the little pigs stay out of the houses so they can play, and other times you have to get them in their houses so the big bad wolf cannot get them!  In some puzzles you will use all four of the characters and in others maybe only one or two.
     My husband and I are big fans of puzzles or brain teasers.  We may not be great at them, but my goodness do we love to do them.  What made me love this particular title was the reaction of not my son but rather my husband when we were introduced to it at NYTF15.  The combination of the age old story and the way the puzzle was created, with the pigs actually going into the houses, struck a cord with our childhood memories and a fun new way to interact with them once again.  He was so excited that we were getting a sample to test out with our little X Man that he kept checking the mail himself to see when it would arrive.

     The pieces are large enough for little hands to move about with ease and the puzzles are challenging enough without being obnoxious, unlike my husband when he figures it out before me.  No worries though because we are only competitive when we play without my son, and yes we do play without him.  X loves the challenges where you have to place the pig inside the houses so that the wolf cannot get them.  He loves saying "Hahaha you big bad wolf, you will not get me!!"  And then when the puzzle is complete he has the wolf try and blow down the houses.
     There was clearly a lot of thought that went into producing this game. This is a high quality product and the challenges are hard but attainable if you just set your mind to it.  We also loved the little bonus book of the illustrated tale of The Three Little Pigs.  The creators made a conscious decision to leave the words out of the book so that a child of any language could enjoy it.  I also love the way my son flips through it and describes the  story using only the pictures, adding various outrageous-ness of course, but it has now become a tradition to read the book after we play the game.
     This is an amazing way to get your whole family thinking and flexing their problem solving skills in a smart and familiar way.  I highly recommend this set to all families everywhere.  There's literally not one negative thing to say about it. Great job guys!

**We received this product for a review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.  If we did not like it, we would not write about it!**

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