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Little Scholar Learning Adventure Tablet

     There are so many apps, websites, books, and videos out there to help your children learn.  The only problem is, which one do you choose?  And for what system?  Does the IOS have something that the android doesn't?  Or do we NEED to sign up for one of those programs that I saw on the TV? Technology is overwhelming and coming at you like a comet.  The real problem is where can you find all the things to help your kids learn and have fun in one place?  Little Scholoar's School Zone tablet- that is where.  
     This tablet is for children 3-7 year-olds and has everything you want your child to learn, in a way that is not only fun but challenging for them.  With over 150 pre-loaded apps, videos, books, songs, and games your child will be constantly enticed and interested.

     From the minute you take this out of the box, it is ready to go,  Pre-k, Kindergarten and 1st grade levels are all lined up with little animal friends blinking at you.  There is a camera that takes really beautiful pictures, books, movie and music icons. With each increasing grade level your child will meet new challenges in new and familiar ways.  The Pre-k, which is where my son is at right now, has letter, color, shape, and number recognition in the form of flash cards and games. There are books that are read out-loud to your child, and some videos as well.
     As I sit here writing this review my son is happily playing one of the games Clickity-Clack Alphabet next to me.  In this app your child sees a picture and has to pick which letter it begins with. So for example there is a cat and an ant- the letter is "A."  If your child chooses "ant" they chose correctly.  Next they trace a letter which is followed by a picture that starts with that letter popping up after.  So "J" is for jar and on and on and on.  For each set of challenges they get correct, a star goes into the barn landscape in the corner.  Each star opens up an interactive sticker which is loads of fun to play with.
    Clickity-Clack is just one of the games that are available on the device that will keep your child learning and laughing. Your child will go over and just pick it up and start playing at a moment's notice, and keep playing for upwards of a half of an hour to an hour.  My son has an hour time limit each day where he can play, but believe me it doesn't take much to get him involved.  The great part about it is there is no guilt on my end about the amount of screen time my child has on this device.  No matter what he does on it, I know he is learning. There is not one game, song, or video that does not serve a better purpose.
     The graphics are crisp and sharp and the music is clear. The touch screen responds without having to be pressed hard, and it is built to stand the wear and tear of a child.   From learning the basics of the alphabet to how to count change and tell time, this is truly something that will grow with them instead of being left behind on the wayside.
     The benefits for parents are endless.  Besides the fact that there is a one time cost, and all the learning that your kid will benefit from, there is also a parent's page that shows you exactly where your child is spending his time.  Not online and not on some separate website, this feature is built right into the tablet itself.
     For instance I see that my son has spent two hours in a week on math alone.  It shows where he is spending his time on the tablet and what areas he is not concentrating on.  So for me it is important for him to work on his phonics, so the next time he plays I tell X to do a certain game before he moves on to the math games that he is particularly fond of.
     Honestly I have not one negative thing to say about this product.  Everything the box and the company says it does- it does.  It is well made and challenges and teaches your child. Have no doubt that this is a quality product that you will not regret buying.

** We received this item for review, however all opinions are our own.  If we did not like it we would not write about it**

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