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Game Boy Gets A Upgrade With Nintendo's 3ds XL

     Hanukkah 1989 will live forever in my memory.  It was the year that I received my very first Nintendo Gameboy.  It was in fact the very first Gameboy ever produced so I guess, technically speaking, it was the first time anyone ever received a Gameboy  but this is about me.  
     I remember freaking out that it was just so cool that I could play games anywhere!  Kids of today will never know that feeling of awe when it comes to portable gaming because now every single device has a game card.  But back then this was in a word...badass.
     We owned a small trailer in the Catskills back then and almost every weekend I would go up with my grandparents with my "travel kit."  Some Shira dolls, my Etch-a-sketch, and my Gameboy. Man was I so prepared, that is unless we traveled at night.
   I believe anyone from my generation will remember the pure frustration of trying to play their Gameboy between the flashes of the streetlights. The anger that ensued when Mario missed the critical jump, the misplaced Tetris piece or the poor serve during Mario Tennis.  Life for a 7 year-old could not be worse, and believe me your parents heard about it.
      Now over 25 years later (OMG is that really true!) we have been sprung forth into a new generation of gaming.  Staying true to their form, Nintendo is still in the forefront and your summer travels this year will be pure bliss because of these three words: Nintendo 3DS XL.  
     Although the name has changed, the concept is the same--a portable gaming device for kids and adults alike. With the possibility to play anywhere, anytime, and with the invention of the color screen, this means you no longer will have the failures of the streetlight haunting you.
     This 3.6" by 6.2" light-weight system is awesome!  With the huge dual screens it is easy for these "old" eyes to see and the 3D is just amazing.  Using the settings on the right side of the top screen I have super easy access to adjusting the 3D, or turning it off if I so choose.  I was so impressed with the graphics that I keep on showing everyone I know.  I keep repeating "isn't it awesome?" and getting their response, "Yes Jenny" but I know they are eyeing it with envy.  Other than the crisp and clear graphics as well as the 3D feature, the console itself is also super slim. Its overall size is somewhat large, but still easy enough to slip into a coat pocket, small clutch purse or a pair of jeans (hey you never know when you are going to need to break one out!).

     I love that you can play both your 3DS games as well as the regular DS games on the console since I need all my previous Phoenix Wright games readily available to play.  I was happy that I didn't have to re-buy them or keep the old DS around to play them again. The graphics on the DS are a little off on the 3DS XL but that is to be expected since you are kinda comparing apples to oranges with the graphics between the two. I am just happy I can play them.  You can also download DS-ware and 3DS virtual console games via wifi download, which is a pretty snappy added feature, as well as transfer games from your older systems (limited one time a week).
     What was also pretty surprising was the battery life which lasts from 4-6 hours, depending on time played, the Wi-Fi connection, and the screen brightness.  I know that we are all aware that a good game could get us sucked in for hours, but honestly a portable system with this kind of software lasting for that long is a success to me.
   The games, such as Mario and Luigi Dream Team,  incorporate the dual screen flawlessly where you sometimes battle bosses by turning the console vertically and watch as the game-play goes through both screens--my mind was BLOWN.  I thought it was just a clever use of features and uniqueness of the system that I cannot wait to see repeated in other titles.  It is user friendly and has a bunch of other extras like web searching, apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus and the like, but honestly that's not the reason why you are going to pick up the system. The game lines and the unique glasses-free 3D game play brings this handheld system into a league of its own. Add the larger screen and the amazing games available including Luigi's Mansion, Yoshi’s Island, and other franchise favorites makes this an easy win for Nintendo fans young and old. Oh and don't let me forget that now you can play your favorite Amiibo Characters on the go as well! Yes- this is a serious (and fun) gaming system!

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