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Avengers Age Of Ultron Review!

Review: "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

     It's finally out!  For years we've all been waiting for the next chapter in this epic blockbuster series, and I was not disappointed.  First off, the action sequences were nothing short of amazing with great butt-kicking battle scenes.  The Avengers really come together as they try to take on the newly aware entity Ultron, while working as a team.  We get to see combo attacks from Thor and Captain America, as well as Black Widow and Hawkeye.  The excitement was crazy in the theater seeing them take out dozens of enemies with a single blow.  I might have blinked two or three times during the movie which means now I have to go see it again.  Some of those scenes were that intense.   
     I will not give away spoilers when it comes to the story line and plot, but fans have to understand that the story is an adaptation of the comic.  It is not a literal recreation of the Ultron origin story.  We've all seen the trailers and kind of know that Ultron is there to destroy humanity, but how he comes to be was altered in the plot.  I'm sure that will have some avid comic fans up in arms, but the original story line would not fit yet (Ant Man doesn't enter the Marvel Big Screen Universe until this Summer anyway).  
     So we all expected gigantic action scenes and this film delivers.  There is no need to describe the sequences since they are just too incredible and you have to see them for yourselves.  But what about the quieter moments in the film?  There was definitely a lot of humor and one scene at a Tony Stark party had the audience roaring with laughter.  Most characters in Avengers have stand-alone movies and their back stories were previously explained, but not all of them.  In Age of Ultron we get to see some character development in Black Widow and Hawkeye that was not present in the previous film  (again, no spoilers here).  I would have liked more of an explanation about what Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch really were, but there's only so much you can cram into two and a half hours.  The introduction of the Vision into the Universe was also something that needed to happen and was welcomed with applause, literally.  The theater erupted when he was first introduced; it was crazy!
     The acting was also on par with a comic movie but not campy at all.  Robert Downy plays Tony Stark's usual arrogant self while the rest of the cast played the parts of all the characters we've grown up with very well.  James Spader was an amazing fit for the voice of Ultron.  His voice alone is so hypnotizing that at one point I was on board with killing all of humanity too.  Loved it!
     What is also amazing with this film (and every other one in the Avengers line) are the numerous subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, hints about future stories and characters.  You may have already heard about upcoming TV series and movies based around the Avengers Universe, and this film drops a freaking bomb that will make you count the days until May 2018...  I loved Age of Ultron and would recommend seeing it on the big screen.  The film had everything you need to be blown away; big action, big heroes, big villains, humor and big action.  Did I say big action already?  If you haven't got your tickets yet, I don't know what you're waiting for.  Hurry and get to Age of Ultron! 

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