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Meet Your NEW Keep Collection Rep!

    There are just so many many reasons why I love my jobs- and you my readers.  You guys come back time after time for the low down on whats hot, and I live to serve. Today however I get to not only introduce you to a great brand, but a great person. I have known Maribeth Cinelli since I was 19 years old.  We worked together for many years, she kicked my butt when I needed it and infected me with one of my favorite laughs of all time. I am serious, if this woman is laughing there is no way you are not laughing with her.  I knew her kids when some of them were knee high, and watched them grow over the yearsmaking me feel old and super proud of their mother for doing such a great job.
     Recently Maribeth started working with Keep Collection, which is a line of customization jewelry that all you will mommiesout there will love.  Even if you do not find what you need, your life will be just a little bit brighter because you have met Maribeth.  So read what she has to say, check out her items and make sure to show her some love on Facebook!

     " My name is Maribeth Cinelli. I have 3 children. Two are in their 20's and my youngest is 16. I have always worked outside of my home- then last year the company I was working for closed it's doors. What a sad day for me, I loved my job, I love working, and I love representing a company that I believe in.  Although that door closed, I knew that with every ending there is a new beginning. So off I went resume in hand walking
door to door looking for a new job. I went on many interviews and the right job just didn't open up for me and  discouragement fell heavy on my chest.

     Then, a friend of mine told me about this new company- a division of Stella and Dot that sells jewelry. I was skeptical at first-thoughts of oh yeah same ole...same ole.. That all changed when she came to my house to show me the jewelry and I was so surprised! FINALLY something DIFFERENT! Keep Collective line sells customizable jewelry that tells a story.. I started looking at the beautifully crafted leather and mesh bracelets picking out charms that told my story!
     I chose a mom charm, shamrock charm and a heart charm to put on my leather bracelet my eyes instantly gravitating to them.  As if that was not enough, my friends shows me fully customizable pendants as well! Well I just went nuts then!  I wanted EVERYTHING! I have soooo many stories to tell!  My friend suggested to me that I have a keep party the more I sell that more I can get.  Ladies the hostess credits are phenomenal!  I had the social which was really cool because I invited friends I haven't seen in a while and that was great to catch up! All my friends loved the KEEP COLLECTION and my party was extremely successful! I got 250.00 in hostess credits! Then I thought to myself, I love people I love parties..I love making money..I am going to start selling! So my journey in direct sales began! I couldn't be happier! I love what I do!

      I walked into Keep Collection because I fell in love with the brand as a consumer, and I joined their team because I believe in the product. It is with that belief and love in mind that I tell you that your collection starts with just a click on my link.  I have personalized gifts for all your loved ones, a unique and fashionable way to show the ones you care.  I have the items YOU want to wear and I want to show you why I fell in love with Keep Collection. I am here for your needs anytime, Contact me and we will find the piece, the party or the career that you are looking for.  "

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