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Izzi Slim: Iphone Case and 4-in-One Lens Solution Review!

     Izzi Slim is an iPhone case and 4 in 1 lens solution for your smart phone. The evolution of the digital camera has come to a striking halt when it comes to the casual, or not so casual photo taker (yeah I am talking to you over-indulgent selfie taker. Put the phone down!) This has since put an increase of photos out there, but not necessarily the quality that they were when one had carried their digital camera around with them.  I cannot tell you the countless photos I have had taken of family gatherings that were below sub-par, or the amount of retakes I did. Well let's just say when I take out my phone for a picture, everyone moans.  But alas there is a solution, and it comes with a fun name.  The Izzi Slim 4-in-1 lens solution phone case has upped my camera game 100 percent.  The case
comes with three super-professional looking lenses that are attached to a super cute teddy bear-looking case.  The lenses included a 2x zoom, a fun fish-eye lens as well as a wide lens. The Fishey, and wide lens both twist off for a Macro lens feature as well.
     So I see you there reading, and saying, "Ok, ok, you can read the back of the package as well as I can but what does this mean?"  Well my friends I will tell you what it means.  It means that you can zoom without altering the quality of your photo.  The 2x lens brings the objects of your photo closer to you, without straining the quality of the picture, and without having to edit it later on that day.  The fish-eye lens is of the circular fashion, and takes breathtaking pictures that are fun, flashy and again do not need editing unless you are trying to get rid of that zit on your chin.  This picture goes from being shot to being seen in mere minutes.  The wide lens lets more of the scene be involved in the shot, giving you a nice full picture that is quite lovely in scenic areas around the country, including my back yard.  I cannot wait to take pictures this summer on this setting. Then there is the Macro setting that can magnify the itty bitty words of my HP Pavilion sticker!

Here are examples of the differences of the photos, One is using the lens, the other is just a plain old iPhone 5c camera lens. My son will be making the same pose and I am the same distance away from him in each photo.
Wide Lens
Regular iPhone
                   Notice how much more of my house the Wide Lens includes in the photo.
2x Zoom
Regular iPhone

                          I did not zoom on my phone at all. This is all the Lens!

Fisheye Lens
Regular Lens

      So there you have it- the proof is in the pudding as they say. Unfortunately the weather is not with us so we do not have a very lovely landscape to make our examples, however there they are.

*We received this product for a review, however all the opinions are our own. If we do not like it we do not write about it! ***

Edited By Mike Aucone

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