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Funko POP! Buffy The Vampire Series

  Everyone has something in their life that they can get all geeked out about.  It can be a favorite movie, television show, baseball team, or urg- football (personally my least favorite thing ever).  Something that makes you squeal in delight, and makes you want to buy every single cool item they have ever made about it.  For  my inner geek, or at least my favorite thing to get geeky about, is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
     Yes, even though its 15 years after it first aired, and has long since been taken off the air, I still watch it on repeat via Hulu.  I still cry at the same parts, and over analyze the way this show actually relates to my life on an every day basis (Guys...Vampires can clearly symbolize the pressures of this world and overcoming them- gosh).   I have crocheted blankets in it's honor, and I have even named my child after one of the characters. Yeah, I am kinda nuts about Buffy.
     Even when the show was on there was not a lot of merchandise out there for it.  Some half-cocked action figures and some poorly done note books etc, and that was that.  Now in my late twenties, (yeah I am sticking to that) I think I have finally found the ultimate Buffy item that all you Slayerettes will need to own.

   Funko POP! series has a great line of toys that will make your slayer heart swoon, yes that is right, there is a line of Buffy The Vampire inspired Funko POP! toys. I will give you a moment to process that......

      Yes I tell you the truth folks, this line of vinyl "toys" are the perfect gift for any fanatic of this cult classic.  Part of the PoP! television series are seven characters represented in this collection; Buffy, Willow, Angel, Oz, The Gentlemen, and TWO versions of Spike.  They created Regular Spike and Vampire Spike which leads me to believe that the creators of these fine “toys” are Spuffy fans. (Spuffy meaning they preferred the Buffy and Spike relationship as to the Buffy Angel relationship. ) Honestly, I agree and couldn't be happier about the two figures, pointing out two of my favorite characters. Thousands of others will agree with the choice as well.  Just get out the official Spuffy Latino Facebook page and see the number of Spuffy lovers are exactly 9,556 likesFunko  did it's research!

     Xander was left out of the line and Oz was incorporated into it.  Not that I have anything against Oz (actually he is one of my favorite characters), but being he walked out into the moonlight in season four and never returned, he seems a very unlikely choice for a figure whereas Xander has been a staple since the series first episode. Oh well I digress. 
    One figure that is way off the awesome charts is the Gentleman figure.  If you are familiar with the Pop! Line you know that these four inch figures rarely have mouths. Yes when you see it in writing it seems kind of creepy, however that is one of the small details that gives the figure a unique style that makes it stand out over the other collectibles out there.  I would say the percent of characters with actual mouths are about 30%.  The addition of the mouth to this character was a really special touch, I mean look at this guys face!  Who wouldn't want him staring down at them while they sleep?   LOVE HIM!
If youve seen season 4, episode 10, titled Hush, you know who the gentlemen are. These scarily silent, smiling monsters were the main figures of the 45 minute episode that was almost completely void of any speaking whatsoever.  Their smilesalthough perfect, maybe to a dentist,were possibly the creepiest part of this masterpiece of an episode.   Hush is still considered one of the most acclaimed episodes of the series. 

    The Gentlemen, and the Vampire Spike are the only figures in this seven figure line that have mouths, but all the figures have the standard over sized head, as well as over sized eyes. They all wear outfits that were common on the show; Buffy sporting a miniskirt and Mr. Pointy (stake), Willow in a fun polka dotted skirt and blue and yellow top and sporting sweet red kicks.  Both chicks are sporting outfits reminiscent of the same ones worn during the show in season one and from the crews official promotional shots.  Like I said, Funko does great research.  Also I have watched this show way too much, and have mastered the art of google search to confirm that.
     Angel and Spike are dressed in their brooding best, in black, with black coats- Spike's being a bit more loose on him then Angel's.  Oz is sporting his spiky red hair, shirt, jeans  and nonchalant look with the black "leather" wrist band that I miss oh so much from the nineties.  All figures reach about four inches tall, are light weight and durable, and  even more important is the fact that they are completely awesome. Buffy and Funko are a match made for your home so check them out and order yours before they are gone!

*** I received items for this review, and then I bought a bunch more, because they are awesome. I stand by everything said here- if we don't love it we do not write about it!****

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