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#1 Best Glove Smart Tech Gloves!

     S-O-F-T.  That is what I have to say when I describe the great Texting Gloves for Smartphone and Touchscreen that I received for a review from Tomoson!   I have worn them for short periods of time and they have kept my fingers toasty and guess what they, work as described as well!  They are for average sized hands, so this may not be thee product for you if you are an extra large sized.  They are black with three out of five fingers having grey fingertips.  The grey fingertips are the thumb, index and middle fingers.  These fingers if you do not know are the ones you most use for touch screens. They are made of different material that make it possible for you to use your smart device without actually having to take off your gloves.  AMAZING!  It works too.  I tried using the black fingers, as well as other pairs of gloves to use the phone, then used the magical grey tips and BAM!  I can now dial a phone, make text messages and even play a game.  The first pair I received for review were frayed where the grey and black meet, however I contacted the company and they sent me a new set ASAP.  They told me that it was a manufacturing mistake and the next pair I received were perfect.
    The gloves are cute, warm and do everything they are suppose to do.  They have a great price tag at only $8 and change and if you have Amazon Prime guess what- freeeee shipping!

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