Sorry For the Delay....

You Need Moji Mi

    For some reason I am absolutely in love with these. I got to see a couple at the New York Toy Fair, and I fell in love. They are just a happy fun toy that make you smile. Who wouldn't want that in their life!  Also they fit perfectly in Easter Baskets; just saying!

     "Moji Mi™ are “living emoticons” in the form of cute little characters that love to jibber jabber and will have you asking the question, “What does Moji say?!” Perfect for kids ages 6 and up, Mojis have their own silly language and love to chat with you – and each other - all day long. Just tickle their hair to get the conversation going or cross the hairs of two Mojis and they will talk to each other. Just like you, Mojis express feelings through unique sounds, all of which they communicate in their own fun way.  Sounds include happy, frazzled, grumpy, silly, startled, bored, and more. When Moji Mi is bored they’ll fall asleep and even snore but give them a little jiggle and they’ll wake up and start chatting again. Moji Mi comes in four unique, colorful characters so kids can choose their personal favorite or collect them all for non-stop fun. Additional key features include:  Moji Mi characters are easy to activate and start talking right out of the box  Each character has over 20 sounds and moods  Touch the Moji Mi hair feelers to activate their sound and interact with each other  Available in four different character designs  Batteries included"