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Why I am Proud To be On The Madame Alexander Mom Advisory Board

     There are many reasons why I am super honored to be on the Madame Alexander Mom Panel. My history with the brand has usually stood forefront of that, but now I have yet another reason to add to the list. I am sure everyone has seen or at least heard of the hit movie American Sniper.  Even I, who does live in the perpetual closet, has heard of the film and the man behind it.  While at the NYTF (or New York Toy Fair) I learned that when the real baby actors could not make a shoot, the crew used the amazing Newborn Nursery babies in their stead.

     You wanna know why, BECAUSE they are soooo realistic! And if the fact that they used them in a blockbuster movie doesn't prove that to you, then I am sure our review will!
     While a great validation on the quality of the brand that I support, that is not why I am proud.  I am proud because in honor of the scene, The Madame Alexander Doll Company is donating an assortment of Newborn Nursery Baby Dolls to the Veteran's Association (VA) of Northern Texas Healthcare System.  They will be distributed among the VA's chain of veterans' family care centers including the Fisher House Foundation. This is a network of comfort homes where veterans' families can stay at no cost while their family member is receiving treatment.  How can you not be proud of being associated with a company that does that. Thank You Madame Alexander for not only supporting our troops, but for bringing a bit of joy into their homes while doing so!

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