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We Must Address How Impressed We Are With Playmobil's Vet Series!

     Playmobil has been around for ages, inspiring kids to use their cognitive skills for building and their imaginations for playing.  Their sets have been a staple in loads of kids' households from back in the dark ages (meaning my youth) to now, finding their way into our children's hearts. They can explore their imagination with pirates, princesses, fairies, and yachts.  They can work on a farm or play in their dream house!

   Each year they come out with new innovated ways to update the brand to appeal to the children of today, successfully I might add.  Well this year at the NYTF we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at what they have to offer in 2015 and I have to say I am excited!  There will be princesses, there will be pirates, there will be veterinarians? Oh yes you heard me right, this year I am so excited about their Vet line and I think you will be too!  First up.....

     The Vet Clinic! " Every animal has a place to get well with this new play set.  Check in at the front desk and sit down in the waiting area.  Once you are checked in you can check all the vitals of the animal with all the necessary medical instruments, also included is an examination table and outdoor space for the animal to heal.

    There is also a compatible Pet Examination Room where you can show off your healing skills:  "Young animal lovers can examine different animals to find out what’s wrong and the best way to treat them.  The exam table can accommodate animals of different sizes, while the overhead lights allow the vet to thoroughly look over each animal patient.  If a closer look is needed, be sure to use the included ultrasound machine.  Once the exam is complete, be sure to look over the patient’s x-rays, which are stored in a convenient filing area. To help heal the dog’s and cat’s injuries, simply rub each wound and watch them disappear.  Set also includes one figure, dog, cat with basket, bandages, medicines, x-rays, microscope, and lots of other accessories."

     I think this is just a wonderful way for the children to play while learning empathy for animals and a better understanding of what people have to go through during doctor visits.  It will be fun for the children to play but like with other things, they will get a feel of what happens in real life and when faced with it may not be afraid of doctor visits.

   Personally I love imaginative play. I love pirates looking for their "booty" and fairies helping the flowers, but for some children they want a more real life play experience and that is why I am so impressed with these sets.  There are three more sets that close out this line, the car, boy with kittens, and the portable x-ray technician.

    Stay on the look out for all the amazing things this line has to offer this year, including....A TV SHOW! Yes, it will happen and we will be super excited about it!

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