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Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus XTREME! Review!

      Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey really do put on the Greatest show on earth, as we see here at the opening night of the Circus Extreme Show at good old Nassau Coliseum.  The show is on a mission - or shall I say "Quest" for the best acts from around the world!  The ringmaster and his two clown cohorts are traveling the world and letting us come with them them for their "extreme quest for the best!"

    There is a fantastical opening number that included music played by a live band and sung by the multi-talented ringmaster. Clowns, acrobats, camels, and elephants pranced on stage to start the show! 

  After the grandness of the opening sequence it was time for us to travel to Mount Everest! We watched the clowns antics to get atop the mountain (that is fully built with stairs btw) and then swept away with a magical performance from the amazing Trapeze artist!  They are trapped between two mountaintops and we watch in anticipation, as they try and reach each other! All the while, jump roping, doing splits and somehow jumping over people, all on a tiny little wire - and it was amazing to watch. I do not think I took a breath until it was over! 

  Oh!! You think that was the only death defying feat that was going to be attempted?? PA-LEASE! Add a woman being shot out of a cannon! Oh,do you think it was the first time? This was over her 500th time shot from a cannon- what a job man! 

    Between each set up of the larger acts there was always something to bewilder and amuse you- for instance- Acrobats with black light effects! There was a fantastic and informational elephant presentation. The ringmaster talked with the trainers all about the elephants lives and personalities it was mesmerizing to watch. We traveled all over! Each "new location " was filled with beautiful costumes and cultural inspired acts from across the world! Bringing the beauty of the moving arts right in front of you- with clowns! My favorite was when we traveled "under the sea" which happened to be filled with acrobat mermaids! Guys it was beautiful.  There was also a tiger routine, floor acrobats- BMX biking, and trampoline fears. Is there a better way to spend a winter night with your family? No. The answer is just no.

    Once again Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey circus has revamped the traditional circus from our childhood into a theatrical event, keeping all of the acts we loved as a kid, and love sharing with our children today, making it better each and every time we see them. 

     Make sure you get your tickets for the show while they are still at Nassau Coliseum! The train will be leaving this Sunday! 

   We were given the tickets from Feld Entertainment for review purposes- however our opinions are our own. If we did not like it, we would not write about it! 

***Edited by Cheryl W. 

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