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Madame Alexander at the New York Fair

                                                        Madame Alexander at The New York Toy Fair

    Madame Alexander Doll Company has been producing beautiful pieces of artwork in doll form for over 90 years.   Now they are changing a little bit, but not in a bad way.  We can still look forward to beautiful collectors items from them for years to come, but they are also making more play-friendly dolls.  They have worked up to this, with their line of Nursery Dolls, and soft and beautiful plushes with brands like Angelina ballerina, Wizard of Oz, and the Muppets.  They have a wonderful line of 18" Play dolls, Dollie & Me, that are well made and have matching outfits for both kids and dolls that are just wonderful!  Last year they came out with a wonderful line of 8' travel friends play doll, that had dolls in attire inspired from around the world. The packaging had little spinets of the countries they lived in as well,  I thought they were the bees knees. They were even in our top ten gift guide! Well I am so super excited to announce that they are expanding and partnering up with some awesome brands as well. One brand in particular
that you know we here are absolutely in love with.... CRAYOLA!!!  How have they not worked together before! (Well actually they have partnered in the past with Madame Alexander's Collectors Dolls, but I digress)  With Madame Alexander Doll Company's dedication to quality and creating beautiful works of art, and Crayola's commitment to inspire the artist in all of us, I feel like this is just a match made in heaven!
    The new doll will be branded in the DIY category because the little one who receives her will be able to craft and draw on dolls (there will be a few for different
age groups) and customize them with their own imagination.  I cannot wait till these hit the shelves,  I think they are going to be a HUGE hit!

     Another licensed doll for the 8" colection will be NASCAR! This will be huge!  We always say that everyone loves NASCAR, (Except for New Yorkers because we do not get it, and it is true.)   But even though I have no real idea about the NASCAR line, I know how amazing it will be to have a female doll enter the world of racing carrying the NASCAR Logo, and I am so excitend for all the little girls out there that will have these dolls available to them soon!  Also coming soon to the play line will be 8" dolls that will be dressed up as our favorite fairy tale princesses!  I saw an Alice In Wonderland doll that has my niece's name on it!  Whoo Hoo!
Disney Princess in Period Correct Dress
     As always we will be looking forward to a whole bunch of beautiful collectors pieces, that will have girls young and old all drooling to have in their collection. Including myself!

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