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Learn All About Sick Bricks!

     Spin Master has hit the mark with the new toy-to-game series Sick Bricks, bringing back one of my favorite teenage slang words "sick" (meaning cool), and oh, also the game is pretty cool as well.
No, stop, let me rephrase it--this game is awesome!!

     The world is Sick City that is filled to the brim with Monsters, Aliens, Zombies, and all other crazy characters that are under attack by the evil Overlord Omega. It is your mission, if you choose to accept it, to stop Overlord Omega and his goons from ruining the once peaceful city of Sick.  The game play mixes open world, platform, and simple yet addicting dungeon crawl aspects,  meaning you can play in a multitude of ways. You can wander around and collect currency and bricks that help you rebuild the buildings around town.  You will also encounter a bunch of goons that need to be defeated.  If you go around trying to fulfill the random missions you will earn your way into different parts of the city that Omega has shut down. You will go into buildings and wander through maze-like rooms, fight evil foes and collect treasure, and defeat big bosses, all of this leading you closer to helping Sick City regain its once peaceful atmosphere.

     Pretty cool right? Well we haven't even reached one of the coolest parts: the toy-to-game aspect which beams your real world Sick Brick character into the game.  The blind bags are around $2.49 apiece and have a little peep hole that will let you see who is inside- and keeps you from buying duplicates-which I thought was a great idea.  Each character has special abilities, their own personalities, and can unlock certain treasure chests within the city (not unlike to Skylanders). The Brick figures get beamed into the game using your smart device camera and the game's "incredible 3D Optical BeamingTM technology".  All you have to do is place the figure on a flat service (a plain piece of paper will work great), and hold the camera over the figure.  It will be scanned and brought to life on your device's screen. You can mix and match the head and bodies of each figure and scan them as well for a whole new character!  Mixing the pieces gives you hundreds of different power combinations to fight the evil goons of Sick City.

    You can of course play this free app without the toys, however you will be missing some cool aspects of the game.  In the course of the game your hearts will go low and your hero will need to rest.  This can take a couple of minutes or you can just re-beam the character for instant play.  There is also the mixing and matching that I mentioned above, as well as the special totem move that has you scan three stacked brick figures.  By doing this you can reach special treasure chests, complete difficult missions and the like.  And let's face it, everyone likes a toy, especially one that comes to life in a video game.  The price allows you to not break the bank while your child grows their collection as well.  There are also in game items that you can buy with real money, so make sure you disable that so that your child can only purchase something with your permission.

    All in all I really did enjoy the game on my own as well as playing with my son.  He has been looking forward to playing this since I showed him the videos I took from the New York Toy Fair. He was so incredibly excited to try it out and has been having a great time trying to fend off all of the evil goons and save Sick City!  Good job Spinmaster, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to review this great game!

Sick Bricks Figures are available at Toys 'R Us, Target, and Walmart, and the app is available for both IOS and Android devices!  Have fun!

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