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Hog Wild Presents: BroBo- Your Cuddly Night Light! Enter to Win One Of Your Own!

     Hog Wild is a wildly fun company that has come out with some real home runs with kids and adults in the past years.  Their Poppers line is soo much fun that they have sold over 4.5 million and are adding a fun Unicorn character as well as a Sea Life line this year!
     They are adding to the fun by releasing for your child a new bedtime bedfellow BroBo.  BroBo may just be the sleep solution you were looking for. These stuffed plushes that come in five different characters, BroBo, Pep, Tex, Mumu, and Dog, all have a very special power--they keep away the dark. Swipe their right hand over their heart and a light shines from his tummy, giving your child instant control over their surroundings.  With BroBo at their side any scary noise or shadow on the wall will be discovered quickly and quietly with the aid of their buddy's "superpower".  They have two settings, a brighter and a soft glow light which are both great for bedtime.  They even have a five minute timer that shuts off the light.       
      We received Trex from the BroBo line and he is awesome.  So soft to the touch, he has an exaggerated head with two huge eyes with embroidered pupils, as well as nose and mouth.  His tag explains that he is a robot from the future with the power of Shine Force that can help make dreams come true!  His likes are pizza, pizza, sharing, knock-knock jokes, and oh yeah pizza.  Trex's profile on the official site states that his beanie is what helps him fly through space!  Each character has their own profile, just like Trex, and can help your child make a unique connection with the plush--which is important if you are using this item to help your child conquer their fear of the dark. When I place Trex's right arm (it has a small patch on it so children will have no problem locating the correct arm) near the light on his tummy it glows strong and instantly.  Make him tap it once more to dim the light and another to shut it off.  The light does not get hot and it stays cool the whole time it is on, making it completely safe to the touch.  There is a slight vibration each time you change a mode that will be a comfort for the little ones-- giving them yet another nudge of reassurance to your little guy that their buddy is right there with them.

     The concept of this is simple yet is a complete necessity if your child has that nagging fear of the dark.  Your child can carry his BroBo plush with him in the middle of the night and have a clear path ahead of him. They do not have to go searching for a light switch, or depend on the dull light of a nightlight, because their buddy will be right next to them to light the fear away.   The super soft fabric was made for naps and nighttime cuddles, and the size of the plush is made to be substantial but not over-sized.  It's perfect for those as young as 18 months to as old as 29 years :).  
  What truly impressed me were were the details put into this product.  They are what make this line very special. The majority of the eyes and the one tooth in Trex's mouth are made of soft fabric (not embroidery thread) for supreme softness.  A child will gain comfort from an object that is gentle on their skin and that has the same likes that they do. Those small details are as important as the light itself. Without them this would be just a regular nightlight instead of a comforting tool.
     Oh and before I forget there is even a BroBo bounce App that goes along the lines of Doodle Jump. It is a cute game that is free on the App store and will let your little ones see their friends in action!
     The BroBo Line became available this January and can be found online and in some retail stores. They run about $29.99 each and come with batteries included.

        Now who wants to win a BroBo of their very own? Enter today! 

***We received this item for review purposes but all the opinions stated are our own***
Edited by Mike Aucone

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