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Hasbro Has Toys!

       One of the best parts of the New York Toy Fair was the sneak peek of all the fun Hasbro Toys that are coming this year! With licencing like Nerf, Star Wars, Transformers, My Little Pony, and Marvel (just to start with), you will not look far at any local toy store without seeing the word Hasbro on some toy you want to buy!
Build Your Own Light Saber!!!
For Kids of All Ages! 

    If we covered everything we saw at the preview I would literally be writing all day, but I am going to point out some truly noteworthy items that will be hitting the shelves soon.

   First for all the newbie parents out there the new PLAYSKOOL line is absolutely amazing! The whole line was made to fit into one standard sized diaper bag, and it does- it is easy as Play Stow, GO!  All of our classic baby toys will be in attendance.  There's Stack 'N Stow cups or stacking cups, and Roll 'N Gears Car which is a great gear toy.  Then there's sensory play with the adorable Fold 'N Go Elephant, and the Dressy Kids Plush friends are back with a new look and loops for hanging.  Finally a company is looking for portability as well as functionality and quality.  Hasbro will have the market on these toys when they hit the stores! These are a game

        My Little Pony is coming out with a whole line of amazing toys that will have your little ones ready for play!

   The My Little Pony Glamour Glow Rarity Pony figure will be coming out this Spring and is simply gorgeous and ready to glow!  Press her cutie marks and her legs and horn light up and then slowly fade away.  Everyone will love to brush her hair and have her prance around,  She even comes with hair barrettes that you or you pony can wear!
    My Little Pony Canterlot (love that spin on Camelot) is coming out for Spring and it will be a big deal!  HUGE and I do not just mean size wise.  The ponies will be able to go up a grand staircase, there will be a throne, and special edition Princess Celestia Pony and Spike the Dragon Figure.  There is even a detachable tiara that will turn your little girl into a magical princess!  As an additional bonus there will also be seven codes throughout the castle for you to scan and unlock even more fun in the My Little Pony App! This will be coming out in the Fall.

    There is going to be a whole line of MYP brand toys just for the wee ones as well!

   Did someone say Sesame Street? Elmo already owns our toddlers, but you may never get away from this little red monster (although why would you) when you buy your child The Play All Day Elmo!  With over 150 responses, eight games and activities including red light green light, and freeze dance, every move your child makes with Elmo in his hand will bring your child into a new play experience.  He responds to your child's movements too.  For example if you are suppose to freeze but keep moving he will say, " Oh no! Let's try that again," and alike.  He also knows when you hold him upside down or tickle his stomach.  He does all of this and is still soft enough to cuddle.  This is a must have for any Elmo super-fan, and will be available in the Fall for $59.99
Oh did I mention the Limited Edition
Coach Monopoly Boards Hasbro

    Mr. Potato Head fans you are looking forward to a great line of  Marvel Mix and Match, and they are adorable.  These are on smaller than your normal spud, but come outfitted in  your favorite heroes and villains.  They are good for children 2 and up and come in a package of 2 for $6.99 a piece. I love them!

    Look for our reviews of other hit items that will be coming out this year including Nerf, Play Doh, as well as Transformers and more!  Oh and if you want to learn all about the Hasbro Line of Minions coming soon then please go *HERE* for a full write up!

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