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Easter Must Haves!

We have an amazing line up of unique Easter basket fillers that will not rot your children's teeth, but will still have them all geared up for the holiday!

     First up, why not change the traditional basket with a fun wagon or wheelbarrow from American Plastic Toys! These items are made in America and are sooooo low cost you are not going to believe it! Just $5! That's right five bucks! These are great for ages 1 1/2 and up and they are a great size--the Wheelbarrow is 21 ¼” x 9 3/8” x 10 ½” and the Wagon is 16 ¼” x 9 ½” x 7 ½”. Think of all the ways you can fill these babies up!  These items are available at Walmart online, Kmart, as well as other big retailers.

       Next up from Hog Wild is the new and super magical Unicorn Popper!  These bad boys shoot soft foam balls from its majestic mouth up to 20 feet! And don't worry, they won't break anything- like a glass carefully placed on a fence by a fully grown woman who decided that this was her toy not her son's...ANYWAY!  All the kids have to do is squeeze the belly of the Unicorn to set the balls "poppin" through the air!  Six balls come with the item and are geared for ages 4 and up.  I would stick to the four and up because it can be hard for little hands to squeeze them, however they have plush poppers available as well that are easier for the little ones to squeeze!  Woo-hoo!  Might I make another suggestion?  Get a couple for yourselves; they are really fun and you WILL steal your child's and have to buy more anyway!  The Unicorn Popper is $9.99 and the Plush Poppers are somewhere in that neighborhood as well.  You can buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond or Matty's Toy Stop (if you are in Merrick, Long Island), Smart Toys in Green Acres Mall In Valley Stream, and Unique Hobbies in Bellmore, as well as Online!  Happy Shopping!

      Cloud B has the plushes you are looking for this Easter with their Twilight Buddies Bunny.  This furry friend adds a little bit of sparkle to your night-time routine. They are super soft and fun to cuddle and project colorful star constellations onto the ceilings and walls!  Great for those little ones still afraid of the dark, or for the kids that like to look up at the night sky, all right in their room!  They have three color options, blue, green, and amber, and shut off after 45 minutes. These are retailed at $29.95.

     Also from Cloud B is the Glow Cuddles Bunny.  Also super soft, this bunny helps ease in the calm of night after a long exciting day! Just give your pal a little hug and its calming touch activated rhythm mimics a steady heartbeat and glows through the night. I am pretty sure I need one of these as well as my kitten!  Oh yeah and my kid too. Great for those little ones that are celebrating their first Easter-- these are recommended for children aged 1-3 years old and retail $36.95.

     Moji Mi's are new and ready to find a home in your Easter Basket. These silly little creatures are full of fun and things to say! Created by Little Kids Inc, they are based on everyone's favorite emoticons. Each Moji Mi are completely different from each other. Blue Moji Mi is kinda grumpy, Purple is tiny and sweet, Green is a prankster, and Yellow just wants to be loved. With many many different jibber jabbers and noises coming from these little guys, you will not want to put them down! For even more fun buy two or more, touch their little hairs together and the Moji Mi's will talk to one another.  Fun, silly, and fits perfectly into any Easter basket, these little guys retail at $9.99 and are available on Amazon.

     Pet Pods are cute, little "stuffed animal" type pouches that hook to your child's key chain or backpack.  On their backs is a sturdy Velcro strap that when opened can hold your child's ear buds!  Even better is there are ear buds included in your Pet Pod purchase! Great for the child on the go, or even better for the child who consistently yells "MOM WHERE IS..."  Now with the Pet Pods your child will always know where their ear buds are, and even better you will know where they are if you need a little "quiet time" from the noise of your house! Hey, sharing is caring!  Perfect for your Easter baskets, Pet Pods are available on!
     Another alternative to a chocolate bunny are Entenmann’s® Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins.  They are mega-chocolaty mini-muffins, perfect for Easter or any celebration and available at your supermarket!

    Finally, are you tired of pumping your kids up with sugar every year?  Why not give them the gift of bubbles shaped as their favorite sugary treat. Ok, ok, include some Peeps in the basket as well. BUT ONLY PEEPS!  Read all about these Peep Bubble sets here, and make sure you grab some for your kiddos!

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