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Yogibo Tablo-X review



     Yogibo is a furniture company that brought those beanbags from our childhood day back to life in a fun and fashionable way.  Leading with their mantra of "comfort is key," these amazing stylish bean bags come in all shapes and styles, such as the Yogibo Max--a six foot chair, couch or bed!
  Yep it can be all three!  Or the Yogibo Support, which my friends is on my wish list!  This is a back and lumbar support pillow that looks like you may never want to leave it.  Yogibo  however does not only do their version of furniture- they also have your tablet in mind with the Yogibo Tablo-X!  They are taking care of your inner geek and even states on the packaging to "Be More Geek"!  Keeping their ultra cool beanbag style, Yogibo has created the perfect tablet holder. 
    This pillow-like case has slits that will fit any brand tablet with a firm grip, keeping your tablet upright without holding it.  It allows you to lay it upon your lap comfortably while you read, search the web or write a review--which I am doing right now!   It also has two great angles for viewing or reading.  I love using it in the middle of the night to watch all my girly flicks that I do not admit I have on my Netflix queue.  With headphones on I can watch whatever I want in the wee hours of the night with a perfect view of my tablet, and without waking up my husband, the nightly intruder that is my son and the three cats.  If I am on a long card ride, or plane I can easily put this on my lap or tray table and be able to play my games, go on my social networks and you know, work whenever I want.  
     Now I know if you are anything like me the thought of putting a fabric anything on in a public area may put a cringe down your spin, but have no fear the Tablo-X cover comes off and is fully washable!  WHOOPeeeee!   Oh and did I mention that when your done using your device there is a secure foam-padded zipper-enclosed pouch for you to store it. Yep, you will have plenty of protection for your device while on the go or at home- which is where most drops happen in my experience. 
    This cannot get any better right?  Wrong! The Tablo-X also has a universal strap that can fit on the back of every car seat headrest so you can load up your favorite movies and leave the backseat driving for another day!
    The Tablo X is as comfy as a pillow, and more versitile than any other tablet holder out there.   It comes from a company that really cares about quality, as well as usability, and is an all around great thing to own.  We are so thankful for getting the chance to try one out and we will be using it A LOT in the future!
    To puchase your own Tablo X or any other of the amazing products from Yogibo visit their site!

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