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Wicked Cool Toy's Pulls Out All The Stops This NYTF!


     Let's talk Wicked Cool Toys.  First they take over the world with the Cat Paw and now they have the items your kids will be begging for this Fall!     Clearly they are trying to take over the toy world,

     This first one is HUGE- colossal, incredible, amazing and delicious! The Girl Scout Cookie Oven. That's right, no longer will you have to wait for the Girl Scouts to come a knockin' before you can get your favorite treats. This Fall you will have the ability to bake them all year long!  The oven which will sell for $59.99 bakes cookies in 15 minutes and is geared for kiddos 8 and up- and by up I mean to age 29 because I want this soooo bad.
     This is only one of the amazing products that WCT is producing for the Girl Scout line.  There will also be a gorgeous cookie stand (that's right, lemonade we are running you out of town) that is easy to set up and put away.  Your child will have all the neighborhood children waiting in line for a fresh batch of butter cookies--my all time favorite.

       Wild Kratts anyone? The hit PBS kids show is coming out this Fall with all the gear you will need to have your own adventure with the inclusion of the long awaited purple Aviva suit!  Now everyone can dress up and go on adventures, any day of the week with the help of Wicked Cool Toys.  Also arriving is the highly anticipated Tortuga play set.  With an opening roof, secret transport door, creature power dispenser an
d drop down ramp your kids can play with their Wild Kratts action figures in style!

        Crashlings will be a big hit this Easter season and these little aliens want to come and hang out with your kiddos today! With over a hundred to collect and a new low price tag of  $.99 you won't break the bank with these guys bringing the fun!

       Oh your child is a TMNT fan? You don't say... Well Wicked Cool Toys has a great line of products with a low price tag that will have your kids yelling cowabunga!!!!!  From skateboards to a TMNT themed remote control and play keys, if you want something turtle themed they have it.  Personally my favorite is the water grow turtle. This is nostalgic for me since I loved to the watch them grow toys and this is revamped to be even cooler than what I had as a kid.  Love it!

      Personally I feel I have saved the best for last.  Coming this Fall we will have a whole new line of....wait for it... Cabbage Patch Kids!  That's right ladies and gents the dolls from our childhood, the ones that your parents waited around the block to get, and possibly traded an organ for is coming back for a new generation.  With the help of WCT they may even be better than when we were kids!
     Straight from the  rain forest these Cuties (where the Cabbage Patch Kids are inspired by the color and beauty of the tropics)  will be dressed to the nines as some of their favorite animals! But just because they are all dolled up (ha- pun intended) does not mean they aren't cuddly.  These little guys are made just for that with plush fabric and a soft filling,  Your little one will be snuggling all day and night with their new furry friend!
       The Cabbage Patch Kids get a major update with the Drink N' Wet Newborn and the 1,2,3 Dance With Me Lines!   With the oath of Cabbage Patch Adoption comes great responsibility, which your child will learn and love with the Drink N' Wet Newborn.  Fill the bottle up with water, let "nature" take it's course and then poof!  It is time for a changing.  This is a great toy for immersive play, and also as a great learning tool for those children that will expect a new sibling in the future!  The Dance With Me Doll is simply adorable.  For the first time ever CPK are getting their grove on to everyone's favorite song, "I Feel Good."  Simply squeeze their hand and get ready to put your dancing shoes on because this girl cannot be stopped!

   The 14" Cabbage Patch Kids are ready for fun in really great outfits! They all have unique styles from Preppy, to Glam, and of course this Mommy's favorite, Vintage. Yes now you can have your very own Vintage dressed Cabbage Patch Kid,  Yep- that is going on my wish list.  No worries though, because even though their looks may have changed, the staple of the CPK line is still the same.  Your doll will come out of the package smelling like the classic Cabbage Patch Kid of your childhood (a sweet mixture of baby powder, plastic, and magic), along with their own unique name on their birth certificate and adoption papers. What is new is the heart shaped charm that will interact with the new ADOPTABLE PETS!  That's right CPK's just got interactive folks, hang on to your hats!
And YES there are boy's too! 

     These adorable little dogs and cats are looking for a good home, and a best friend!   These 8 inch little furries are filled with pet sounds, phrases and a special heart locket that when paired up with your 14 inch Cabbage Patch Kid unlocks the magic of your pet's magical heart beat and lights!  AMAZING!
    So guys you know what to do-- count down the days until you can have these toys for your very own. Or you know buy one for your kid, they have to learn how to share at some point!

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