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Strawberry Shortcake Turns 35!

      American Greetings Corporation is pulling out all the stops for one of our sweetest iconic girls
Birthday! Strawberry Shortcake is turning 35-and boy she looks good!   American Greetings are just soo excited to have Ms. Shortcake in their family and they are ringing in her birthday with a bang!  We got to celebrate at the Media Preview during the New York Toy Fair this week-we enjoyed the "berry-best" strawberry shortcake, and saw the new line of toys-both classic and newer versions of Strawberry, as well as gorgeous Papyrus cards! Wow.  One product I am super excited about is the re-release of the original rag doll from the 1980's.  Everything is absolutely identical to the original and by everything, I mean- yes even her berry sweet scent has not been left out! YES!!!!

     Another truly unique product that has been released is the line of beautiful cards by Papyrus, 
where Strawberry is dolled up as a thirty something high fashion woman.  Although still sporting her 
iconic colors, and fruit, this is a Strawberry Shortcake that you have never seen before. They are truly unique and beautiful and any fan of the brand would be thrilled to add these to their collection.      There is also a truly great line of dolls for the newest fans of the brand. They are revamped and ready to rock! There are three dolls in the line, Plum Pudding, Strawberry Shortcake Raspberry Torte, they are 6 inches tall with beautiful hair, and rock out with instruments.  Each of the dolls are in the "Sweet Beats Line"--- BUT WAIT, because I just realized as I was looking at the package that there are little holes in the packing for you to "sniff" because just like the line of old- these dolls smell "berry sweet". HOW cool is that!? I love it! Each doll is outfitted in cool bright colored clothing, and have their very own musical instrument
   There is also a newish free app- released in January.  The Berry Rush App has you, run, slide and leap through the wonderful world of Berry Bitty City, to grab all the yummy fruit you find! You can play as your favorite character, and enjoy the colorful world of Strawberry Shortcake! 

     Oh and do not forget about the DVDS! Now you and your family can enjoy your snowdays with the Strawberry Shortcake: Snowberry Days Dvd! The Dvd has a Sing a Long music video and printable coloring pages, all included!   So no matter what way you want to celebrate the birthday of one of our most iconic cartoon characters, make sure you do it right! Bring in the fun, the colors and of course the FRUIT!

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