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Playmates New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Line of Toys!

      Playmates Toys are coming out with a HUGE line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys this coming year.  Following the huge success of the revamped vintage line, thanks to the new amazing television series on Nickelodeon, these toys are bringing even more new life to the hero's in a half shell (turtle power)!

     Starting with the line that is closest to my heart- the Half Shell Heroes, we have a lot of toys to look forward to this year!
    There will be four new vehicles coming, but the thing is that there are actually only TWO, both vehicles mutant into a different car!  In the Mutation Vehicle Line Donatello comes with the Shellraiser that turns into a Sanitation Dump truck, and Raphael has a Fire Truck that turns into a Tank- very cool, and a great deal because you are getting two car styles for the price of one- LOVE IT!

    New to the line will be a series of Bath Toys! There will be four squirter style toys each of them one of the four main characters.  Even more exciting are the Dive Boat with Diver Donnie and the Fire Boat with Captain Raph, perfect for tub or pool play, your kids will love them!

   Role Play will be HUGE this season, with the Talking Role Paly Sets. All of your favorite turtle defense devices (or weapons) will be made in soft plastic for non concussion play, and they will make fun sounds and catch pharases from the show.  My favorite though is the actual turtle shell that they can wear! SOOOO cute! All items are sold separately, and yes you will need them all!

    For the older kids there are also some amazing toys in the Mutation line, including the Mix and Match Turtle.  Think Potato Head, but actual figures that you can take off the limbs and head and rematch them with any other characters!  Each one is sold separately but come with one extra body part for instant play. Yes, you will need at least TWO to have the full experience, but they are so cool that you won't mind!

     Another really cool toy is the Pet Turtle to Ninja Turtle Figures.  We all know the story of how four ordinary turtles get mutated into super ninja turtles! Well now your kids can experience it first hand. These figures mutant from pet to ninja in a few simple movements, and it is freakin awesome.

    There are soo many other toys coming out that you will not have any problem finding one that is perfect for your child's age range and interest.  They are so well made and so innovative that I cannot wait to get my hands on them, my son is going to be so excited!

   Want to learn more about the show behind the toys? Read our interview with the voices behind the turtles!

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