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Painting Lulu- Meet Lulu Review!

    Painting  Lulu is bringing the coloring book into this tech-savvy world!  This paper-to-digital coloring experience is the first of it's kind and has already hit the ground running!  Here is how it works... First your child colors in the actual coloring book, then with the help of their parents (or in the case of my iPad-wielding 4 year old, on his own), you scan the page using the Painting Lulu app--which is free.  The page instantly appears on your smart device and your child can continue coloring where they left off with the digital crayon.  This is an actual crayon stylus made of foam, so it does not damage your screen.  No joke, what your kid did on that page of that coloring book goes right on the screen of your smart device just how they left it on the page.  Here they can re-touch, continue coloring, save and then print their beautiful creations!  It's kind of a trip.

     My son got such a kick out of seeing his work go from paper to screen and then getting to color the page twice.  You can use the scan code on each page to just upload the picture as well, which is great for long trips.  All you need is your device and they will have all the crayons, and pictures your child will want to color at your finger tips. No dropping crayons and watching them run away from you.  OH NO ( I mean unless they do drop the ONE crayon they have to hold on to- which is what my kid will do)  The difference for me- from other coloring apps, is the obvious awesomeness of the the digital scanner. Right now we are really working on teaching X how to hold a crayon and pencil correctly. Those other coloring apps you use your fingertips- with this one he uses the digital crayon.  Making us able to color on the go, while still instilling his writing instrument correctly.  Also, the crayon is pretty cool, which makes it less of a fuss for me to get him to color.  He loves his, and by his i really mean MY iPad, and this has just enough tech and old school for me to be comfortable letting him play as long as he wants and the interaction from real life to digital keeps him interested. Coloring just went from boring to awesome!

    The company is also really great- they want to create fun and educational toys and respect the environment.  The coloring book is printed on recycled paper, and they have ten different characters that are based on recyclable consumer goods! Ha- take that! ( I don't know who I am telling that too, but it seemed to fit so I am keeping it) Now my son is coloring, working on his writing skills and learning about recycling, are you clicking "buy now"on Amazon yet?

     We are really happy that we got to review this item before we even hit the floor of the toy fair and we cannot wait to see the scores of retailers looking to fill their walls with this amazing item, and all the people looking to do write ups on something that I know will be a huge hit!

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