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Munchkin Treasure Hunt: Review

     So if you guys are following me (and I sure hope so, otherwise I am out of business) you can tell that I may have gotten a teeny bit obsessed with Steve Jackson's game, Munchkin.  We received a copy of it from USAopoly (here is our review), and really haven't been the same since.

    So I contacted Brian who works with Steve Jackson (lucky guy) and we received a slew of games to play and review.  The first is Munchkin Treasure Hunt!  IT IS A MUNCHKIN GAME......FOR KIDS! This is aweeeeeeeesome. Actually awesome isn't a good enough word for it.  It is (hold on let me look up synonyms for awesome.. here.. we... go...) amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring, magnificent and all the other words listed on Google.

     But seriously, they did a great job. They made the transition from card game to board game with ease, and is a great way to get your child interested in card games from a very early age- and I fully support that.  I had a crush on all the Dungeons and Dragons-playing kids in high school. No really, I did!  In fact I married one--and he is handsome: look at that face!


     The game has various munchkin tokens that you chose to play.  You all start in the middle and everyone takes a roll of the die and makes their moves on the board.  Now where you land determines your game play. You can get a blank tile which does nothing (it is blank- come on guys keep up), a treasure card which lets you pick up one treasure chest card from the pile, a die tile which lets you have another go at a roll, and a monster card which makes you go to one of the various monsters on the board.  Now using your treasure cards you have to use math to defeat the monster. YES MATH.

When you reach a monster (whether by landing on the monster or getting sent there by a monster tile) it will have instructions to tell you how powerful that monster is.  For example, the witch is a power of five, plus one monster card from the deck.  Draw a monster card from the deck and it will say how many points you add to the monster you are playing--in a super humorous way.  The regular old witch will now be a "Dark and Stormy Witch, with a +3 to the monster, making the number to beat now 8.  Or a Fire-Breathing Witch, that will add 5 to the witch.  For the sake of this review, let's say I picked the Sneaky Monster Card and now am battling a Sneaky Witch which will turn our witch's power into a total of 7.  I, the hero, now must roll the die to see how much power I start out with; I roll a 4.  Now I have to look in my treasure pile of cards to see what kind of
permanent add-ons I have, meaning that I can play those cards throughout the game, and what one-time use cards I have.  My goal is to use the number on the die, plus the number on my selected cards to either tie the number 7 of the witch, or go higher in order to beat her.   I choose to use my one-time use card of Tickle Feather (which is worth 1), my permanent card of Blank Look (which is also worth 1) and my one-time Well-Shaken Soda Can card (which is worth 2).  So adding that with my die roll of four I have 4+1+1+2=8: I WIN!!!....and the crowd goes WILD!!!
      You do this every time you  meet up with a monster, and when you win you get the amount of treasure cards that are underneath the monster you just defeated.  The game ends when all the treasure cards are gone (which can lead to about an hour of game-play) and whoever has the highest number of treasure wins!

     The game-play is simple enough for a child to understand without leaving out the challenge of the original game.  The monster cards are funny, adding adjectives to make the monster even more amusing than it was.  The treasure cards use things from the child's world to help them defeat the monster like your "homework binder" or my absolute favorite "THAT LOOK FROM MOM" which is worth 5 points!!!  My son laughed so hard when he saw that one, and so did I.  Plus it helps teach them math--how much more fun is it to add in order to defeat an evil foe instead of just making Mrs. Jenkins happy?  The game-play is made for kids 6 and up but my four year old played just fine.  Clearly he couldn't read so we were on a team, but he knew all the numbers and did all the adding to determine which ones would be best to beat the Stinky Zombie and so on.  He thought it was so cool because he was playing the game that mommy loves and really got into it.  I feel the dork side in him growing, and I am proud!

     So if you are looking for an intriguing game to get your kid off of the screens and using his brain, this is the way to go.  Children will learn problem solving, mathematics, and cooperative play all with this one purchase. Then...THEN when they are older you will never have to go searching for someone to fill your third spot when you want to play Munchkin--you have raised one right in your own home! Go, buy, play, HAVE FUN!
     Available only at Toys'R Us.  For more information go to the official website .

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