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Moff: Sound Track To Your Child's Imagination!

    You may not know it now, but THIS, is a product you are going to want buy by the end of this review. Making it's debut in this years New York Toy Fair showroom, we got an amazing opportunity to try it out before the masses.  Moff is a soundtrack for our child's imagination and all you need is the Moff band an iPhone or iPad and a Bluetooth connection.  After downloading the FREE app and turning on your Bluetooth,  you simply press the the one button on the orange Moff band that you are wearing on your wrist until your screen says "connected".  You are then brought to a screen with a series of icons.  The fun has begun there is a witch, a star, ninjas, a drum kit and more. Press one of those icons and now move the arm the Moff band is on- BAM let there be...noise!! With every twist turn or shake of your wrist the Moff band will respond and make the selected sound through your smart device.

      I have to admit something here- I have totally taken this away from my kid to play with myself.  I had a little two much fun commanding someone to do something, then with a flick of my wrist had the magic spell music come blasting from my iPad....or waiting for my husband to walk through the door and blasting him.  You know something I have always wanted to enter a room and have music play for me as I enter, well gosh darn-it- now I can, I can also be made fun of- but those guys don't have their own entrance music, so what do I care?

    Now you are probably saying to yourself, "sure this is neat but why would my child need it?" Well as you know with all toys there is no real "need for anything", but there is a big difference between this and other toys out there.  This gives your child more of a reason to tear themselves away from their screens.  My son consistently pretends to be a superhero- well with the blasting sounds that come from the Moff band, he has professional sounding blasting noises. No longer does he have to do the lame laser blaster noise from Star wars, because now when he is pretending to be Hans Solo, he has the sounds at the wave of his arm. Maybe he feels like being a ninja- well all he has to do now is wear all black, sneak around the house and use his sword sounds or ninja star sounds.
     I am sure if you have a girl you are thinking, "my dear, this little man seems to like to cause some hypothetical damage."  Well, all I have to say to you, is yeah-enjoy your tea parties, I am constantly being attacked by some superhero, and my back HURTS, but I also have to say that if your little girl is into superhero's they will get a huge kick out of this.  Is magic more their speed? Well there are plenty of sounds for them as well!  They can flutter around like fairies, command a royal court, really the possibilities are endless.

     So why do I love Moff- guys, just look at my son's review up there on-top- he has been running around for days playing with this thing. It is winter, and it is cold and I am not an OUTDOOR winter mom and this has been a lifesaver. He has been having the time of his life dressing up and being all sorts of hero's, he has been running around tiring himself- and me out- laughing.  Its a great great idea, and it is so well done that I cannot see this other than being a huge hit in the 2015 toy buying season.  Great job guys and thank you for letting us review your product!

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