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Crayola BRINGS IT At this Years New York Toy Fair!

      Crayola has made some amazing things in the past.  They have made such amazing strides in the world of creativity that I find it almost impossible that they could come out with anything more creative than what is already on their shelves.  Yeah...I was totally wrong. Crayola Rocked the New York Toy Fair guys, they rocked it hard!

     First up in the new roster is the new Crayola Thread Wrapper.  This unique item lets you change ordinary to extra ordinary, and old into new!

    Bringing an old craft from the olden days- or my childhood- back into light, the Crayola Thread Wrapper does exactly what the title says.  Anything that can fit in the motorized threading unit can be made into unique personalized wearable art!  Inspired by up-cycling- The Crayola Thread Wrapper will turn all your old boring objects into a new revitalized addition to your daily routine!   Pens, ear-buds, headbands anything your heart or imagination desires can be AMAZING!  The kit comes with all you need to start right away, thread, a fabric marker- for even more customization and a couple of extra spools. It even comes with a re-threading attachment that lets you make new spools of thread, you can mix and match colors creating your own unique spool!  I see kids, as well as sewing enthusiasts wanting this when it hits the shelves this July, and with the $24.99 price-tag you won't break the bank!

   The Crayola Crayon Carver is so cool that I think most adults will want this before the kids even get to making out their wish list!  This carver is kind of amazing, and by kind of, I mean, it is super amazing. Using the 40 tracing tiles that comes with the kit, you can create countless letter combinations,  and designs and etch them on the crayon itself.  Using the unique Carver, you trace the letter tile on one end covering the entire surface, while on the other end it is being etched onto the crayon. Your child's fingers are completely safe while they create their one of a kind crayon!  Cover the whole surface of the crayon or just one side use one letter or design or a whole bunch, go crazy!  Kids can use this for their own enjoyment, or as presents for friends and parents and children can work together to make totally unique party favors, invites, or decorations- the potential for this is  limitless,  I love it, and I am getting it- I suggest you do the same when it hits stores shelves in July!

 "The Crayola Cling Creator lets kids create their own repositionable icons that stick to, and peel from windows, mirrors and other flat, smooth surfaces." From start to finish this is your child's own creation. They mix the the color, they either create a mold to use, or use one of the five molds (with designs on both sides), and in fifteen minutes, your cling is ready!  The kit is coming to stores this June and is $24.99

     The Cru 'de Gra of the line up has to be the Easy Animation Studio! Using the amazing Crayola Color Alive as a launching pad the line has now moved up and has made it possible for anyone to create amazing animation in mere minutes- all you need is this kit and a smart device! The kit uses Smooth Action Technology and a mannequin to create full animation.  Create your own character on the pad included, add in you colored back drops (also included) and you are ready to create your own story.  Guys, this was freakin amazing, and when you hear the price- a cool $25 there is no way you can see this on the shelf and not pick it up.  Think of the creativity your child can explore with this absolutely amazing piece of technology. Besides the artistic aspect, your child can expand their creative minds into unique stories and characters then see their vision come to life!  I am so excited for this to come out in July that I will be counting down the days until it breaks into stores.

    Crayola has done it again, creating a line up of fun, unique tools as ways to keep your child interested in the arts.The prices of the items are such that anyone on any budget can get these tools and every child can have the tool to create whatever their little minds desire!

Edited by Cheryl Wehner

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