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Blaze and The Monster Machines App!

Preschoolers will be all a blaze with the new Blaze and the Monster Machines game from Nick Jr!

   Join Blaze and his buddy AJ as they, with your child's help, race through pre-made racetracks in three different locations to win the race against Starla and Crusher.  Along with just using speed, your preschooler will also have to use problem solving skills to get around obstacles in each race.  Each track has environmental obstacles like ice patches and alike, as well as power ups and two different ways to control your monster truck--swipe or tilt.  After each race you will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal.  

   When producing this app the team applied STEM into the production (Stem being an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Math) making this way more than just a racing game.  
    If your child gets tired of just racing they can also build there own track!  They can add as many twists and turns as they want--which is always a lot!  They can create and save up to 12 courses which they can edit anytime and put these STEM items to use!

   My son is just in love with this show and was more than thrilled that he got to test out the app.  He loved the different scenery especially Snowy Slopes, which here in NY isn't that much different then outside our window.  He has spent the most time constructing and deconstructing the racetracks and doing practice runs until he felt he had perfected them, while taking pride in every twist and turn obstacle and turn.  The controls were easy for him to master and he will switch it back and forth from tilt to touch depending on how into it he is getting. When he really wants to game on he uses the tilt.  It is so funny watching him twist and turn his little body to get through the tracks.  

    Personally I love the vivid graphics!  It's like you are playing in the actual tv show rather than an app on ur tablet.  They have cut scenes introducing Blaze and the other racers and an announcer throughout the race, as well as a winners's circle ceremony. The animation is seamless and the movements coordinate with the narration or dialog every single time.  We have played numerous stages and have seen no glitches so far.  Each environment has 15 races, all increasing in difficulty.  The replay value is high because every kid wants all three stars and you have to commend there commitment and their excitement when they achieve it.

    All in all this is a top-notch app that I was honored to review.  Well worth the $6.99 price tag and a must have for all the Blaze fans out there! 

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