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Aurora My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic! Review


     The amazing Aurora toy gift and doll manufacturers released their 2015 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic line, based on the great revamped Hasbro TV series. There are 12 new styles for six of the popular ponies- each character is available in the 6.5 inch style or the medium 13 inch style.  Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Rarity, Fluttershy Princess, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna and Spike The Dragon have all been given a makeover that even Rarity would approve of (yeah I watch the show- wanna fight about it? Lol)
   These brand new plush toys have all new brush-able hair, sparkling with Mylar accents that make me envious. The stitching is strong and hardly seen, which is just one sign of the high quality.  As for the  beautifully embroidered "cutie "on their rump and beautiful eyes- they are perfection.  A product like this is very difficult to review because there are literally no flaws- none.  I have searched to find one slight defect, one stitch out of place- I have thrown them across the room, I have pulled at them to the point that any mediocre plush would be destroyed, and they will not bend. I even messed up their hair (do not tell my mom!) and then brushed them back into perfection.  I am telling you guys this job is hard, but one thing is for sure Aurora has made a quality product that goes way above par.  They are exact replicas of the characters from the show,  they can take a "lickin n keep on tickin" and with the brush-able mane they will look like new after any day of play.
     This is a no brainier buy for anyone looking for a special gift for the My Little Pony fan or, for that matter- a Bronie!  Not familiar with the characters? Check out your local listings for My Little Ponies Friendship is Magic- or check the series out on Netflix! You will be buying these dolls in no time!

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