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Wonder Forge Star Wars Face Off Dice Game

                                   Star Wars Face Off Dice Game From Wonder Forge!

  This simple Dice game is fun for the whole family.  It comes in a "Good vs. Evil"  dice cup with Darth Vadar face sculpted on one side and Luke Skywalker on the other giving you a preview of the good vs evil game play.  Five custom dice are included and each die has four heroes and 2 villans on it.  The goal of the game is to gain 250 pts before your opponets do.  You can do this by either going hero or going villain  and that can change turn for turn.  The Characters on the dice lead to different point variations, so if you are going hero, you can re roll up to three times until you get the combination of hero's that you are satisfied with.  Now, with this comes a serious draw back- during one of your rolls if you roll all villians, you lose that turn and gain no points.

        Going villian offers similar gameplay, however you only get to reroll once and you keep the outcome to yourself, you tell your fellow players what combo you got and now you wait to see if anyone is going to call you out on it or not.  If they do call you out and you are telling the truth (like when Darth told Luke he WAS his father- sorry for the spoiler alert) you get double the points, if you lie and get caught then the player who confronted you gets the points.  If no one calls you out then you get the points you claimed.  Its a slippery slode of deception. All I know is that is I play with my friends, one in particular (JUSTIN) I will always call out- that guy is a cheater.

    I love dice games, especially one that is themed with a franchise that I love. Wonder Forge is great at creating franchise based games with unique and fun game play. This is available at Target and will be a great gift for kids and adults a like this holiday season!

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