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USAoply Has the Games For Your Family To Play This Holiday Season

  USAPoloy is a great company that we have worked with over the last year with such games as Plants Vs. Zombies Risk, Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit, and the kid's game Treasure Trax.  Everything they have sent us has been a slam dunk in our house and this last bunch is no different.  So when you guys are finishing up your holiday shopping this weekend, make sure you remember that games are the way to go for endless nights of fun for the year to come!

   First up is Tapple!  Tapple is a really easy game to pick up, and addicting to play.   After placing batteries (not included) into the Press & Play Letter Eliminator, you pick a subject card for the round.  The first player says a word that is related to the topic using one of the letters that are on the Eliminator.  So if the topic is State Capitals, you could say "Albany" and then you press down the letter a, thus eliminating that letter from another player to use. You hit the ten second timer and it is the next
player's turn.  If you cannot come up with an answer with a letter that has not been used before the ten second timer buzzes, then you are out of the round.  The last player left standing during the round is the winner of the round and claims the card.  The first person to claim three cards wins the game!
    What a hoot. This is a fast paced game that makes your brain muscles flex with silly topics like pizza toppings, or more serious ones like names of cities--you will never stop being challenged.   Eliminator acts as both a letter elminator as well as a fun timer and adds a bit of excitment to game play.  As the letters dwindle down, you see people hitting the timer a bit harder and harder trying to be the last one standing at the end of a round.  This game is great for children as well as adults.  I can see playing this game with my son to help with his letter recognition, just as easily as bringing it over to my neighbor's on game night (yeah we have game night, wanna fight about it?).  This is a GREAT choice to purchase for yourself or for others for the holiday season, and can be found at Walmart as well as on Amazon!

     I am sorry but I love Adventure Time. It's a hysterical cartoon that is great for older kids and adults.  You know what else I love?...the Munchkin game series.  These two things go together like peanut butter and jelly.  If you are into role playing card games and do not know about Munckin, get ready to get excited, if you WANT to play a role playing card gamer, but need an easy way to get introduced to it, you too can get excited.  Munckin is great for beginners and pros alike.  Developed by Steve Jackson Games this Adventure Time combination developed by USAopoly is a great additive to anyone who already plays, or a great way to introduce someone to the franchise.  In this role playing game you fight monsters and collect treasure in order to level up to a level 10 character (although they have expansion packs that will let you play to higher levels if ten just isn't enough.)  and the first one to do that wins.  But of course it is not as simple as that.  There are fun turn of phrases like when you start your turn you "kick in the door",  meaning you pick a Door Card to see where that turn will lead you.  It can be a monster card in which you have to either defeat, (you have to defeat in order to level up) retreat, or can even ask for help to kill the foe.  You can be plagued by a curse for that turn or longer, who knows!?  The treasure cards give you a load
full of fun things to help you to level up, defeat foes and do victories laps around all the LOSERS you defeat! (Don't worry I do not play with my kids like this.....all the time)  Add the fact that you play as your favorite Adventure Time characters, each with their own unique power in the game, and you are in for one fun game night!  Available on, Hot Topic and on the official website!

    These two games are a no brainer, whether you pick it up for someone or you spend some of your Christmas shekels for yourself, you will get all smiles once you crack open these games to play!

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